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laboratoryla‧bor‧a‧tory /ləˈbɒrətri $ ˈlæbrətɔːri/ ●●● W3 noun (plural laboratories) [countable] TBBa special room or building in which a scientist does tests or prepares substances a research laboratorylaboratory tests/experiments/studies tests on laboratory animals language laboratory
Examples from the Corpus
laboratoryAlternatively, you can have a sample of blood taken and sent away to a laboratory for a much fuller analysis.However, this study has been criticized on both clinical and laboratory grounds.Months of testing still lie ahead, with work being done at laboratories across the country.The university patent counsel had heard about it and thought it would make lots of money in clinical laboratories.The facility uses animals in laboratory tests for some of its drugs.a research laboratoryThe new building will house its manufacturing, research, laboratory, sales, marketing and administration departments.Even better, the group has many species, some of which will cross in the laboratory.The patients also are examined, and undergo laboratory tests, based on their complaints.laboratory tests/experiments/studiesHe never strays far from elegant applications of the theory to field and laboratory studies, many of them his own.Correlation between the scan score and laboratory tests varied with disease location.Some of these fears were allayed by scientific research findings, such as laboratory experiments with rats.Why are they starting to use lawyers instead of rats for laboratory experiments?We revealed that monkeys from Longleat and Woburn safari parks have been sold for laboratory experiments.This medium is the one which has been used in many laboratory experiments on this plant.The first, a clinical suspect in whom no laboratory tests were done, was reported after he died on Dec 20.Between 1967 and 1972, for example, the number of laboratory tests conducted per hospital admission increased 33 percent.
Origin laboratory (1600-1700) Medieval Latin laboratorium, from Latin laborare to work