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JuneJune /dʒuːn/ ●●● S2 W3 noun [countable, uncountable] (written abbreviation Jun.) TMCthe sixth month of the year, between May and Julynext/last June I finished school last June.in June My birthday is in June.on June 6th We met on June 6th.on 6th June British English He resigned on 6th June.June 6 American English The first round will be held June 6.
Examples from the Corpus
JuneThe most recent exodus followed a June 25 eruption that killed 10 people and left nine missing and believed dead.The deal is expected to close in June.Yet he seemed eager for what is sure to be a grueling contest leading up to election day in June.Banknotes were eventually issued in June 1998.The system actually shut down for the first two weeks in June.On June 10 Kouao met Manning while he was driving his bus.Not until June did forecasters appreciate how severe El Nino might be.June 6Intent to submit must be registered by May 12 and all proposal received by June 6.Interview, June 6, 1989, Angle Inlet, Minnesota. 9.Mr Collier was last seen alive on June 6 returning to his flat with another man whom police are trying to trace.Elections held on June 6 and 8.Canberra will sail again late on June 6, arriving back in Southampton early on June 7.She will dock in Cherbourg later on June 5 and veterans will be taken to commemorative services on June 6.At a third proceeding June 6, both sides again objected, and the judge ordered the news media excluded.Shipley, in his first start since June 6, homered in the first inning.
Origin June (1200-1300) French juin, from Latin Junius, probably from the name of an ancient Roman family