From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishjollityjol‧li‧ty /ˈdʒɒləti $ ˈdʒɑː-/ (also jollities [plural]) noun [uncountable] formal when people are happy and enjoying themselves a night of riotous jollity
Examples from the Corpus
jollityThe mood of enforced jollity is simply inappropriate for the Mahler Fifth.And yet an amazing amount of good feeling, and even jollity, cropped out between these opposed pickets at times.Much laughter, jollity, and anticipation of a successful 12 months ahead with a government on the run.Our prank became clear, but it had set the tone for an evening of memorable jollity.It is another night of jollity in our frozen village.It was a memorable night of riotous jollity.But this occupied little time; and then, business over, there followed an hour of unrestrained jollity.