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job-sharingˈjob-ˌsharing noun [uncountable] BECan arrangement by which two people both work part-time doing the same jobjobshare /ˈdʒɒbʃeə $ ˈdʒɑːbʃer/ noun [countable]jobshare verb [intransitive]
Examples from the Corpus
job-sharingPosts which can not be filled should be considered as to their suitability for a job-sharing arrangement.A job-sharing policy should be devised in conjunction with staff organisations.In either instance the posts suitable for job-sharing should be identified.Full-time staff are being asked if they would like to switch to part-time work and various initiatives including job-sharing are being encouraged.
From King Business Dictionaryjob sharingˈjob ˌsharing noun [uncountable]HUMAN RESOURCES when two people share one full-time job, dividing the hours and work between themWhat is your company’s policy on job sharing?a job-sharing schemejob share verb [intransitive]We have job shared for two years now.job share noun [countable]women working in job shares