job description

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job descriptionˈjob deˌscription noun [countable] BECan official list of the work and responsibilities that you have in your job
Examples from the Corpus
job descriptionExamine and agree on a job description first and a contract of employment which you are satisfied with and understand.To do this, study the application form carefully as well as the job description.Subsequently qualifications which indicate the holder's ability to carry out the elements defined in the job description are identified.The plus factors are all the intangible attributes that are additional to the job description.Unless the position is quite untenable, try not to get too hung up on the specifics of your job description.
From King Business Dictionaryjob descriptionˈjob deˌscription (also job specification) noun [countable]JOB an official list of the work and responsibilities you have in your jobPhotocopying isn’t part of my job description.