From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishjealousjeal‧ous /ˈdʒeləs/ ●●● S2 adjective 1 JEALOUSfeeling unhappy because someone has something that you wish you hadenviousjealous of Why are you so jealous of his success? You’re just jealous of her.2 JEALOUSfeeling angry and unhappy because someone you like or love is showing interest in another person, or another person is showing interest in them She gets jealous if I even look at another woman. He was talking to Nina to make me jealous.jealous husband/wife/lover etc3 jealous of somethingGrammarSomeone is jealous of someone or something: She was jealous of her sister. Don’t say: jealous aboutTHESAURUSjealous feeling unhappy because someone has something that you want and cannot haveMaybe he's jealous because I got the job and he didn't.Sharon had always been jealous of her sister's long blonde hair.envious especially written wishing that you had something nice or special that someone else hasWhen I saw the garden, I was really envious.She knew she was beautiful and enjoyed the envious looks of other with envy very enviousYou'll be green with envy when you see their new house.covetous formal having a very strong desire to have something that someone else hasThe King was a covetous and grasping man.
Examples from the Corpus
jealousMaureen showed an unexpected aptitude for driving and learned very quickly but Helen was not jealous.Corwin has several female friends, and says his wife has never been jealous.Maybe he's jealous because I got the job and he didn't.That kind of jealous behaviour isn't conducive to having a healthy, strong relationship.Police believe the shootings may have been the work of a jealous boyfriend.I never felt jealous either, never believed I would be.A jealous husband using an axe on his wife.a jealous husbandMy girlfriend gets jealous if I even look at another woman.Some parents feel jealous if their child loves the nanny or babysitter.Trying to make your boyfriend or girlfriend jealous isn't a good idea.I guess some of the other kids are jealous of her talent.His wife Kasturbal was a beautiful young woman and he felt more jealous of her than ever.Rasputin was killed by men who were jealous of his influence with the Russian royal family.She can not say she is jealous of pictures on a page.Some fathers are jealous of the attention a new baby receives, even if they won't admit it.jealous ofJerome is definitely jealous of his brother's success.jealous husband/wife/lover etcKeitel is badly miscast as the comically jealous husband.A jealous lover certainly would be acting on his own.It was Zeus' jealous wife Hera, not the innocuous underworld custodian Hades, who made Hercules' life a nightmare.A jealous husband using an axe on his wife.
Origin jealous (1200-1300) Old French jelous, from Late Latin zelus; ZEAL