From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishissueis‧sue1 /ˈɪʃuː, ˈɪsjuː $ ˈɪʃuː/ ●●● S1 W1 noun 1 subject/problem [countable]SUBJECT a subject or problem that is often discussed or argued about, especially a social or political matter that affects the interests of a lot of people Abortion is a highly controversial issue. We should raise the issue of discrimination with the council. The key issue is whether workers should be classified as ‘employees’.2 magazine [countable]TCN a magazine or newspaper printed for a particular day, week, or monthissue of The article appeared in the January issue of ‘Nature’.the current/latest issue Have you seen the latest issue?3 take issue with somebody/something4 make an issue (out) of something5 have issues (with somebody/something)6 at issue7 act of giving something [singular]PROVIDE the act of officially giving people something to use the issue of identity cards to all non-residents8 set of things for sale [countable]AVAILABLE a new set of something such as shares or stamps, made available for people to buy We launched the share issue on March 1. a new issue of bonds9 die without issueCOLLOCATIONSverbsdiscuss/debate an issueThey met to discuss the issue of working conditions at the factory.raise an issue/bring up an issue (=say an issue should be discussed)Some important issues were raised at the with/tackle an issue (also address an issue formal)The government must deal with the issue of gun crime.The company said that it will address the issue at the next scheduled board meeting.decide/settle/resolve an issue (=solve it)The issue was settled after some tough negotiations.No deadline has been set to resolve the issue.face an issue (=accept that an issue exists and deal with it)Politicians seem to be reluctant to face the issue.avoid/evade an issue (also dodge/duck an issue informal) (=avoid discussing an issue)There is no point in evading the issue any longer.confuse/cloud/muddy the issue (=make an issue more difficult to understand or deal with than it needs to be)You must not let your feelings cloud the issue.highlight an issue (=bring attention to it)The minister used his speech to highlight the issue of global issue comes up (also an issue arises formal) (=people started to discuss it)The issue arose during a meeting of the Budget Committee.the issues surrounding somethingThis chapter discusses the ethical issues surrounding genetically modified foods.adjectivesa political/social/economic etc issueThey discussed a number of political important issueThe committee met several times to discuss this important issue.a key/major/big issue (=very important)For me, the big issue is cost.a difficult/complex issueHe was able to grasp complex issues quickly.a controversial/sensitive issue (=an issue that causes strong feelings and arguments)Abortion is a controversial issue.a thorny issue (also a vexed issue formal) (=a difficult one that causes disagreement)Illegal immigration is always a thorny issue.a burning issue (=a very important and urgent issue)For country-dwellers, transport is a burning issue.wider issues (=more general issues, that affect more people or things)This is a question that raises much wider issues.a topical issue (=an issue that is important at the present time)The magazine discusses topical issues in science.the underlying issue (=the cause, or a more important problem that is related to something)This research explores some of the underlying issues related to high unemployment.a fundamental issue (=a basic and important issue)Decisions still need to be made about some fundamental unresolved issue (=that has not been dealt with)A number of unresolved issues remain before the treaty can be signed.phrasesa range of issuesA range of issues were debated at the meeting.something is not the issue spoken (=something is not the most important problem or part)Price alone is not the issue.
Examples from the Corpus
issueIn the grander sense, an issue basic to the progress of science.Mr Wolfowitz is viewed as a hawk on many defence issues.a book dealing with environmental issuesthe immigration issueWe'll be looking at a broad range of important issues in this chapter.Election campaign A key issue during the campaign was taxation.Another key issue is the choosing of appropriate neural network architecture and paradigms to match applications.Global warming and youth crime are the key issues in the election campaign.this week's issue of "Newsweek"One of the issues in his last re- election campaign was that his eyelids frequently drooped during meetings.the issue of a driver's licensethe issue of drugs in sportsThe research attempts to assess the nature and extent of black progress in recent years in light of these issues.Genetic manipulation is a fairly topical issue these days.Chapters 9 and 10 deal with issues directly linked to scaling laws in chemistry and analytical devices.So he says dealing with issues of race is unavoidable.the current/latest issueBy now, probably half the small ads in the current issue had been placed by aliens.J., who reported their results in the latest issue of the journal Science.Some of the current issues in the implementation of care management are considered.There, the current issue is whether or not to include Sinn Fein in all-party talks.share issueThe purchase is being paid for with £1.1m cash and the balance satisfied by a share issue, which has been underwritten.Of this, 25 percent would come from a share issue in 1990 or 1991 and new bank borrowings.In the event of a share issue a bank may handle the advertisement, application and allotment of shares.However, continuing financial uncertainty meant that privatisation by means of a share issue to the public was out of the question.The last-mentioned might involve share issues or further bank loans.The decline in earnings per share reflects the new shares issued to acquire First Interstate.He is a cost accountant and also acts as company secretary in respect of share issues, pensions and the like.They are quoted on the Stock Exchange and underwritten by similar institutions to those which underwrite share issues.
issueissue2 ●●○ S3 W2 AWL verb [transitive] 1 SAY/STATEto officially make a statement, give an order, warning etc Silva issued a statement denying all knowledge of the affair. a warning issued by the Surgeon General2 PROVIDEif an organization or someone in an official position issues something such as documents or equipment, they give these things to people who need themissue a passport/permit/visa etc The US State Department issues millions of passports each year.issue somebody with something All the workers were issued with protective clothing.issue something to somebody The policy document will be issued to all employees.3 SELLto officially produce something such as new stamps, coins, or shares and make them available to buy issue forth issue from something→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
issueEvery soldier is issued a rifle.The State Department will issue a statement at noon.No formal invites to tender had been issued as FlyPast closed for press.But they have yet to decide whether they will be issued automatically or if customers will have to order them.Thus, the range discount cards issued by Golf Corp. are still being honored, but none are being sold.The summons must contain the name of one witness only, but may be issued in blank.Although San Marcos may have been the first city in the county to issue such bonds, San Diego was right behind.The truth is that neither applicant actually wants to issue Switch cards, though Barclays says it is prepared to consider it.Blankets and warm clothes will be issued to those who need them.Police in Britain are not usually issued with guns.Visitors are issued with identity cards to wear inside the factory.issued ... statementShort Brothers, in Belfast, also issued a statement.This time, Schott issued a statement.As for talks, the party leaders and I issued a statement earlier this week.Area police, who were coordinating the tragedy coverage, issued a statement following complaints from some of the families.The Politburo issued a statement regretting for the first time the mass exodus to the West.But yesterday the company issued a statement saying the payment schedule had not been met.Independent directors issued a statement supporting Kay Whitmore, the chairman.Vernon issued a statement today, confirming his resignation.issue a passport/permit/visa etcThis is what I think -- that one or two inspectors were very reluctant to issue permits.Throughout all of Texas' 254 counties, only 150 black men and 13 black women have been issued permits.Under the agreement, two nominally private organizations were established to issue visas and represent the interests of the two governments.Like the committees of July 1936, they issued passports, raised local levies, licensed apothecaries.
From King Business Dictionaryissueis‧sue1 /ˈɪʃuː, ˈɪsjuːˈɪʃuː/ verb [transitive]1to officially give something such as a document to someone who needs or wants itissue somebody with somethingNorthwest Airlines issued fliers with discount coupons.Visa USA licenses US financial institutions to issue Visa cards.2FINANCE if an organization issues SECURITIES such as bonds and shares, it makes them available for people to buyThe company recently issued bonds with yields under 10%.The company had been given permission to issue up to 35 million new shares to more than 100,000 employees in 29 countries.3BANKING if a bank issues coins or BANKNOTEs, it makes them available and puts them into CIRCULATIONThe Bank of England issues notes and acts a banker to the government.→ See Verb tableissueissue2 noun [countable]1FINANCE the act of making SECURITIES such as bonds, shares etc available for sale, and the securities themselvesissue ofThe shareholders are expected to approve two issues of common stock.Please confirm total number of shares in issue (=existing) at the end of the period in order for us to update our records. authorized issue bonus issue capitalization issue cash issue euro-equity issue new issue public issue rights issue scrip issue share issue tender issue2an occasion when a bank or government makes new paper money or coins available to be usedissue ofBefore Christmas the issue of banknotes is increased to meet the extra demand. note issueOrigin issue1 (1200-1300) Old French issir to come out, go out, from Latin exire, from ire to go