Word family noun interview interviewee interviewer verb interview
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinterviewin‧ter‧view1 /ˈɪntəvjuː $ -ər-/ ●●● S2 W1 noun 1 interview.jpg [countable, uncountable]BOASK A QUESTION a formal meeting at which someone is asked questions in order to find out whether they are suitable for a job, course of study etcinterview for an interview for a job on the ‘Los Angeles Times’ a portfolio of work presented at interview2 [countable]ASK A QUESTIONFAMOUS an occasion when a famous person is asked questions about their life, experiences, or opinions for a newspaper, magazine, television programme etcinterview with an interview with the presidentnewspaper/radio/television interview Elton John gave an interview to Barbara Walters (=he answered her questions). an exclusive interview (=one that is given to only one newspaper, programme etc)3 [countable]PGOASK A QUESTION an official meeting with someone who asks you questions a police interviewCOLLOCATIONSverbshave an interviewShe has an interview next week for a teaching job in Paris.go for an interview (also attend an interview formal)I went for an interview at a software company yesterday.get an interviewHe was one of only five people to get an interview out of more than 100 people who applied. be called/invited for (an) interviewApplicants who are called for interview may be asked to have a medical an interview (also conduct an interview formal)The interview was conducted in French.give somebody an interview (=interview someone)We gave her an interview, but decided not to offer her the job.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + interviewa job interviewTry to predict the questions you might get in your job informal/formal interviewApplicants will normally have an informal interview with the manager.One out of every six candidates reached the formal interview.the first interview (also the preliminary interview formal)He felt the first interview had gone well.a second/follow-up interview (=a more detailed interview after you have been successful in a previous interview)She was asked back for a second interview.a mock interview (=one that you do for practice, rather than a real interview)Mock interviews are one way in which students can improve their job-seeking skills.a face-to-face interview (=in which people meet in person)I had to do a face-to-face interview followed by an entry test.a telephone interviewThe first stage is a telephone interview.interview + NOUNinterview techniqueThe book gives some useful advice on interview interview questionSome of the interview questions were quite difficult to answer.the interview panel (=the group of people interviewing someone)The interview panel were very impressed with her enthusiasm. THESAURUSinterview a meeting in which someone is asked questions, to find out if they are suitable for a job, or to help the police find out about a crime. Also used about someone being asked questions on TV, in a newspaper, in a magazine etcI’ve got another job interview tomorrow. Since the police interview, she had changed her interview with Keith Richardsinterrogation an occasion when someone is asked a lot of questions for a long time in order to get information, sometimes using threats, usually by the police or the armyHe claims he was tortured during his interrogation.Police interrogation methods have been questioned.cross-examination an occasion when someone is asked questions about what they have just said, in order to see if they are telling the truth, especially in a court of lawUnder cross-examination, the only witness said she could not be sure about what she saw.consultation a meeting with a doctor or an expert to discuss treatment or to get adviceThe therapist charges $100 for a half hour consultation.Would you like to come back for another consultation?audience a formal meeting with a very important personHe was granted an audience with the Pope.
Examples from the Corpus
interviewBrowning told one interviewer that he is considering running for office again next year.Can you come in for an interview?Ron's going to Tufts University next week for an interview and a tour of the campus.She had an interview last week for a job at an Internet company.An interview with the actress appears in next week's People magazine.I always get nervous before interviews.Lake is not granting interviews as he prepares for his confirmation hearings.In interviews at other companies, big and small, I began to hear similar stories.She contacted an old friend in the events-promotion field, who in turn set her up for a series of information interviews.Kyle went out and bought a new suit for his job interview.At a later interview he was asked for what the Nobel had been awarded.Documentary research in the technical literature was undertaken to plan interviews and to identify key areas of technological innovation and technical uncertainty.During a recent interview Rohr said the renovations will cost $38 million.My panic reduced the interview to waffle.In his latest TV interview the lead singer talks about his drug problem.The new Prime Minister gave his first full-length TV interview last interviewDiscrimination is even more likely actually at interview.Their age at interview varied from 17 to 36, giving an average age of about 24 for both females and males.Seven of these ten were clinically depressed at interview.The program can also improve your performance at interviews by allowing you to record what went well and what didn't.Confidence and good presentation at interview.However, of primary importance is the portfolio presented at interview.Each applicant is asked to supply a portfolio of work at interview.exclusive interviewThere are also exclusive interviews and highlights of the playoff series with the San Diego Padres.The wandering spirit was ousted, Diana's younger brother Charles revealed in an exclusive interview, and their beloved dad recovered.In an exclusive interview, Richard Feast discovers that his reputation for straight, sometimes controversial, talking is not exaggerated.Sitting up in bed, I scanned the article, which the News of the World claimed was an exclusive interview.With his usual courtesy and willingness to be of assistance he had granted several exclusive interviews on the spot.
interviewinterview2 ●●○ S3 W3 verb [transitive] ASK A QUESTIONto ask someone questions during an interviewinterview somebody for something We’re interviewing six candidates for the job.interview somebody about something The police want to interview you about the accident.see thesaurus at askinterviewing noun [uncountable] interviewing skills→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
interviewWe interviewed 12 candidates in three days.We've interviewed a woman for the job already, but she wasn't very well qualified.Police were interviewing another homeless man who was believed to be in the building at the time of the fire.All prospective students are interviewed by alumni before a final decision is made.At the end of the race the winner was interviewed by NBC news.She has interviewed celebrities and political leaders on her radio programme for over 25 years.Medical examiners are interviewing family members about any unique characteristics to help identify bodies.The company also said that Mrs Hampton should have told them about her illness when she was interviewed for the job.As one philosopher interviewed in the film notes, they lack irony.I interview Joy Division for the first time in 20 years.Darlington police have been told about the vandalism and yesterday an officer went to interview Miss Golightly.Those I interviewed said that nearly all the public comment they had heard had been favourable to the televising of the House.I'll be interviewing two candidates today and three others tomorrow.
From King Business DictionaryLBED_17_ainterviewin‧ter‧view1 /ˈɪntəvjuː-ər-/ noun1[countable, uncountable]HUMAN RESOURCES a formal meeting at which someone is asked questions to find out whether they are suitable for a joba job interviewApplicants will be called for interview next month. exit interview flyback interview screening interview2[countable] an occasion when someone, for example a politician, is asked questions about their views or actions on television, for a newspaper etcIn a radio interview this morning, the Chancellor ruled out a rise in interest rates.3[countable]MARKETING an occasion when someone is asked questions about a product or service, to find out how it can be improved or the best way to advertise ita market research interview depth interviewdepth-interviewing noun [uncountable]Large amounts of time are normally required for depth-interviewing.interviewinterview2 verb [intransitive, transitive]1HUMAN RESOURCESto ask someone questions in a formal meeting in order to find out if they are suitable for a jobShe was appointed without any other candidates being interviewed.I’ve been interviewing all afternoon.interview somebody for somethingWe interviewed twelve people for the job.2to ask someone, for example a politician, questions about their views or actions on television, for a newspaper etcThe chairman refused to be interviewed.3MARKETINGto ask someone questions about a product or service, to find out how it can be improved or the best way to advertise itA sample of 200 women were interviewed.interviewer noun [countable]The interviewer should not ask about your marital status.her reputation as a tough political interviewer→ See Verb tableOrigin interview1 (1500-1600) Early French entrevue, from entrevoir to see each other, meet, from voir to see