Word family noun interestdisinterest adjective interesteddisinteresteduninterested interestinguninteresting verb interest adverb interestingly disinterestedly
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinterestingin‧terest‧ing /ˈɪntrəstɪŋ/ ●●● S1 W2 adjective INTERESTINGif something is interesting, you give it your attention because it seems unusual or exciting or provides information that you did not know about OPP uninteresting, boring That’s an interesting question. a really interesting TV programmefind something interesting I found his talk very interesting. Did you meet any interesting people?it is interesting to see/know etc It will be interesting to see what happens when he gets a bit older. It’s interesting that no one remembers seeing the car.Do not confuse interested, which describes a feeling, and interesting, which describes something that interests you: Are you interested in ballet? | an interesting talk on photographyTHESAURUSinteresting keeping your attention and making you want to know moreThere’s an interesting article in the newspaper today.The lecture was really interesting.fascinating very interestinga fascinating subjectEverything about ancient Egypt is absolutely fascinating.stimulating giving you new ideas or experiences in a way that is interesting and enjoyablea stimulating conversationI found him very stimulating to be with and full of ideas.intriguing interesting because of being unusual, mysterious, or unexpected, so that you want to find out moreTheir research has produced some intriguing results.These discoveries raise intriguing questions about the relationship between viral genes and the normal genes of the cell.absorbing/engrossing interesting in a way that keeps your attention completely or for a long timeGrowing your own vegetables can be an absorbing hobby.her engrossing first novel gripping/riveting/compelling used about a very interesting story, film etc that you feel you must keep reading or watchinga gripping story of love and deathHe gives a riveting performance as a tough street cop.There is something compelling about his work. enthralling /ɪnˈθrɔːlɪŋ $ -ˈθrɒːl-/ very interesting and exciting – used especially about a performance you are watching or listening toPakistan won an enthralling match by two wickets.spellbinding very interesting because of being so strange, unusual, or wonderfulThe book is a spellbinding tale of her life in China.I couldn’t put it down spoken used when saying that a book was so interesting that you could not stop reading itIt’s a great book – I found that I couldn’t put it down.
Examples from the Corpus
interestingThere's a course in English business law at King's College that looks interesting.Michael's new job sounds really interesting.Lawyers get to represent lots of clients in their careers, but few as interesting as a president.She found him interesting, attractive even.I found the book quite interesting even though it's not the sort of thing I'd normally read.We saw an interesting film about African wildlife.Today's been really interesting, I enjoyed it very much.What makes San Francisco so interesting is its architecture, which is completely different from that of other American cities.I got an interesting letter in the mail today.At the age of 80 she still leads a very busy and interesting interesting manThe exhibition includes some interesting old musical instruments.The party was full of artists, actors, and other interesting people.I find it interesting that no one has yet mentioned the President's appalling record on the economy.It is interesting that the present recession is much deeper in the south than in the north.The most interesting thing about dinosaurs is the fact that they all died out so suddenly.The Renaissance must have been a very interesting time to have been alive.It would be interesting to know how much he earns.It’s interesting thatShe has a directness that rubs off on others. It's interesting that we both have roots in St Kitts.