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insurerin‧sur‧er /ɪnˈʃʊərə $ -ˈʃʊrər/ noun [countable] BFIa person or company that provides insurance
Examples from the Corpus
insurerBanks, insurers and other financial companies got hit as well.After Art, I called a few more insurers.The shares of ordinary insurers would be cheap.The full cost of storm damage will be paid by the insurer.He found that 81 percent of the insurers will write new policies only to consumers whose homes meet strict underwriting guidelines.Once the claims were paid, the insurers decided amongst themselves who bore the loss and in what proportion.And last year, insurers expect the final cost to be as much as a billion pounds.
From King Business Dictionaryinsurerin‧sur‧er /ɪnˈʃʊərə-ˈʃʊrər/ noun [countable]INSURANCE1an insurance companyIf an insurer failed, the industry organization would pay 90% of all claims.2the insurer/insurers used in a particular insurance contract or legal case to refer to the company providing insurance. You can refer to ‘the insurers’ even if there is only one companyWhen he tried to recover his loss, the insurers denied liability.