Word family noun instance instant adjective instant instantaneous adverb instantly instantaneously
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinstancein‧stance1 /ˈɪnstəns/ ●●○ W2 AWL noun 1 for instance2 [countable]EXAMPLE an example of a particular kind of situationinstance of They came across many instances of discrimination.instance where/when instances where safety regulations have been breached In this instance I think she was mistaken.see thesaurus at example3 in the first instance4 at somebody’s instance
Examples from the Corpus
instanceAnother instance of Charles's outspokenness was his attack on his sister's choice of husband.These three cases are instances of a civilization working over its own heritage something rarely brought fully to light.But here Golding offers the extremest instance of how it might be tragic too.The rise from 7,000 to 8,000, for instance, equaled a gain of 14. 3 percent.Scholars have found, for instance, surprising links between Taylor and a number of literary figures.Fiscal policy, for instance, is commendably tight; there are no signs of any government-led dash for growth.Elizabeth had said so and she had been, as she was in so many instances, quietly right.It outlined a set of principles and indicated how they would work in particular instances.Rather than any theory of civilizations, therefore, we must study real instances if we wish to understand what civilization is.The grey suit has been replaced in some instances with pink trousers and sandals.Some users of Ecstasy have actually died, but such instances are very rare.In this instanceIn this instance , I have decided there is not enough evidence to bring the case to court.After all, virtually no funding would be needed in this instance.In this instance that meant three emergency pumps.In this instance the fieldwork was conducted during the first period of Margaret Thatcher's administration.In this instance, the sodium chloride is entirely excluded from the intracellular compartment.It matters not that in this instance the Government has used the carrot rather than the stick.The answer must lie ultimately in the perceptions of those making the decisions, in this instance the court.Treatment in this instance is likely to require the bathing of the region with a safe insecticide.What does it mean in this instance?
instanceinstance2 AWL verb [transitive] formal EXAMPLEto give something as an example She instanced the first chapter as proof of his skill in constructing scenes.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
instanceThe connections and friendships of Surrealism can also be instanced as opportunities for advocacy.Minton's sober and workmanlike drawings instance his delight in registering rhythmic activity and industrial shapes.
Origin instance (1300-1400) French Latin instantia presence, urgency, from instans; INSTANT1