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inlaidin‧laid /ˌɪnˈleɪd◂/ adjective 1 DHTan inlaid box, table, floor etc has little pieces of another material set into its surface for decorationinlaid with a wooden jewellery box inlaid with ivory2 [+in/into]AVDT metal, stone etc that is inlaid into the surface of another material is set into its surface as decoration
Examples from the Corpus
inlaidA small table stood nearby on which ivory chessmen stood poised in combat on an inlaid board.The inlaid chequerboard top of the coffee table houses all kind of games, including backgammon, chess and Scrabble.Victorian inlaid china-cabinet, £180; ruby oil lamp, £175.A Victorian mahogany single bed with walnut ends sold for £420; an Edwardian inlaid mahogany wardrobe and dressing table, £360.Victorian inlaid music cabinet, £220; miniature watercolour on porcelain, Lady Hamilton, £210.An inlaid piano-stool, went for £125 while two bedroom mirrors made £140.A marble mantle clock made £170; an Edwardian dressing table £240 and an inlaid writing desk £230.inlaid witha belt inlaid with diamonds and rubies