Word family noun injury the injured adjective injureduninjured injurious verb injure
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinjurein‧jure /ˈɪndʒə $ -ər/ ●●● W3 AWL verb [transitive] 1 INJUREto hurt yourself or someone else, for example in an accident or an attackwound Angus injured his leg playing badly/seriously/critically injured Two people have been critically injured in an accident.see thesaurus at hurt2 injure somebody’s pride/feelings etc→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
injureThe bomb killed eleven people and injured 55.Dad injured his back lifting some heavy boxes.Tom injured his shoulder playing tennis.Many elderly people injure themselves in their own homes, for example by slipping in the bath.Several shots were fired, critically injuring three badly/seriously/critically injuredHe and his wife were able to climb out of the truck before it burned, but both were seriously injured.Reportedly, several people were seriously injured.No one was seriously injured, but M4 Westbound was closed bringing traffic chaos.Another 1,500 children each year are seriously injured by unlocked handguns.Voice over Richard Latkowsky from Witny was seriously injured in a motorcycle crash several years ago.Young Richie was seriously injured while riding his bicycle to school Friday morning.
From King Business Dictionaryinjurein‧jure /ˈɪndʒə-ər/ verb [transitive]1to cause physical harm to someone or to yourself, for example in an accidentHe sought compensation after being injured by a defective product.2to make an industry, economy, company, or investor lose money or suffer in some other wayThe US steel industry was being injured by imports of subsidized steel.a fund for injured investors→ See Verb tableOrigin injure (1400-1500) injury