From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinitiali‧ni‧tial1 /ɪˈnɪʃəl/ ●●○ S3 W2 AWL adjective [only before noun] BEGINNINGhappening at the beginning SYN first an initial investment of £5,000initial stage/phase/period the initial stages of the disease The initial response has been encouraging.
Examples from the Corpus
initialSo SunTran canceled its initial call for bids and issued a second one, to which three companies eventually responded.There are no initial charges, only an annual management fee of 1%.It often happens that the initial choice of weights is poor, and the program should learn improved weights.The initial cost of the computer system is more than made up for in terms of eventual profit.A stride from an adjacent boulder gains the initial crack.After initial delays, construction on the new library is due to start in two weeks.Initial difficulties with the computer system were soon fixed.Simon's initial feeling when he heard about the wedding was surprise.Seed Money School-to-work initiatives can not get started without an initial infusion of flexible seed money.The training set consists of a variety of initial positions of the truck.My initial reaction was one of complete disbelief.We focused on those three initial regional managers then polled some of the neighboring ones.Initial sales figures have been very good.After the initial shock, people adjusted to the new circumstances.the initial stages of the diseaseI was only involved in the initial stages of the planning.Classes in gun handling are recommended as the initial step for those who want to own a handgun.initial stage/phase/periodThe successful candidate will be based at Jealott's Hill but will spend an initial period at Leuven.This initial stage is expected to handle around 2 million passengers a year.During this initial period it will be necessary to use whatever methods appear appropriate to deal with the patient's distress.The initial period lasts for 20 working days.They are known to counteract both the vasoconstriction and the enhanced platelet aggregation present in the initial phase of migraine.In each case, I believe that the initial phase of the exercise is similar.In the initial stages, the researcher needs to understand the market, and the client's position and objectives within it.
initialinitial2 ●●○ noun [countable] 1 NAME OF A PERSONthe first letter of someone’s first name ‘Can I have your initial, Mr Davies?’ ‘It’s G, Mr G Davies.’2 initials
Examples from the Corpus
initialThere are initials engraved on the inside.Anyone could have typed that message and his initial, she realised with dismay.His shirt was first time on, and his initials were monogrammed over his heart.Ed is known as Easy, because of his initials, E.C.That was one reason he only published under his initials.Others say the name is an acronym, formed from the initials of three of the first amateur operators.People asked her, significantly in that suffragette period, if the initials stood for New Women's Movement.One was a letter stamped with the initials of the police trade union and addressed to Commissioner Italo Pompeo Baldoni.
initialinitial3 verb (initialled, initialling British English, initialed, initialing American English) [transitive]BSIGN YOUR NAME to write your initials on a document to make it official or to show that you agree with somethingsign The two countries have initialled a new defence co-operation agreement.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
initialHe reached his little office in the square, initialled a few reports, then asked for Sergeant Curtis.You have to initial any corrections you make to the form.The memo had been initialled by the President.If you alter something you have written on a cheque, you must initial the change.The smaller regional administrative units had initialled the Treaty on March 18.
From King Business Dictionaryinitiali‧ni‧tial1 /ɪˈnɪʃəl/ adjective [only before a noun] happening first or at the beginning of an event or processEach portfolio has a minimum initial investment of $3,000.the initial capital required for the project (=the money needed to start it)Somatogen sold two million shares in its initial public offering (=when its shares were made available to the public for the first time).initialinitial2 verb (initialled, initialling British English, initialed, initialing American English) [transitive]1to write your initials on an official document to show that you agree with itI would be grateful if you could complete and initial clause two, and return the documents to us.2to make an official written agreement or arrangement with someoneSeoul and Beijing initialed a trade agreement in a move to expand economic exchanges between the two nations.→ See Verb tableinitialinitial3 noun [countable usually plural]1the first letter of someone’s first nameI need a list of names, with initials.2initials [plural] the first letters of the words in the name of a company or organization, or the first letters of all someone’s namesYves Saint Laurent’s famous initials, YSLOrigin initial1 (1500-1600) Latin initialis, from initium beginning, from inire to go in, from ire to go