Word family noun industrialist industrialism industrialization industry adjective industrial industrialized industrious verb industrialize adverb industrially industriously
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industrialin‧dus‧tri‧al /ɪnˈdʌstriəl/ ●●● S3 W1 adjective 1 TIrelating to industry or the people working in itindustrial production/output Industrial production has risen by 0.5% since November.industrial development/growth rapid post-war industrial developmentindustrial conflict/dispute/unrest (=disagreement between workers and their employers) Last year 1.3 million workers took part in industrial disputes.industrial accident/injury (=happening at work)2 TIhaving many industriesindustrial countries/nations/states a meeting of the world’s major industrial nationsindustrial area/zone pollution in industrial areas By 1900, Britain was a mainly industrial society.3 TIof the type used in industry cleaning products that are for industrial use only (=not to be used at home)industrially adverb
Examples from the Corpus
industrialIncreased competition and easier industrial collaboration in a less sheltered defence market will not save jobs.The government is giving high priority to industrial development.The Gabriel-Havez school in Creil where they live stands in the heart of the town's industrial industrial nationHigh-tech companies also have moved into the industrial park that was first home to Wrigley.modern industrial practicesThe skyscrapers of Manhattan dazzled him as emblems of Western industrial progress.Chapter 9 explores this theme by looking at the role of the trade unions in political bargaining over new industrial relations strategies.Milford, in the Derwent valley just south of Belper, is a complete and almost untouched late eighteenth-century industrial village.industrial wasteThe factory has developed an ingenious way of dealing with industrial waste.industrial production/outputOverall, industrial electricity sales grew twice as fast as industrial output.The move follows a government-commissioned report, which warns that the taxes are having an adverse effect on industrial production.This became the basis for its industrial production.Tomorrow, revised November industrial production and December money supply figures are released.In the first two months of this year industrial production dropped by 29%.Working Conditions Most industrial production managers divide their time between the shop floor and their office.Most industrial production managers work more than 40 hours a week, especially when production deadlines must be met.Unemployment rose from 7.5 million to nearly 10.5 million in 1938 as industrial production slumped.industrial countries/nations/statesBut it is becoming increasingly important that an accord on foreign corporate investment is negotiated between leading industrial nations.Debt is the direct result of the banking structure that has enriched the G7 leading industrial nations.He remains a federal employee and is handling preparations for the upcoming meeting of the seven major industrial nations.Citizens in both industrial countries and developing countries watch greater amounts of television each year.The conference, bringing together the world's seven leading industrial nations, centred on trade talks.This year marks the first time that the four industrial states have lumped their primaries together early in a campaign.But other big industrial countries will be ageing even faster.industrial useArgyll and the Islands Enterprise executives are anxious to purchase the 44-acre site at Sandbank, near Dunoon, for industrial use.It sustains the flow of rivers, from which we take water for drinking and many industrial uses.Most diamonds are brown or yellow with little visual appeal and are fit only for industrial use.The other 20 percent goes for industrial uses and coins.The industrial use of oil, 3. 4in, constitutes an even more tempting alternative fuels target.The first industrial use of power on the Moon will probably be for the manufacture of propellants and life-support materials.The village was first mentioned in records of 1707 developing as a result of the increased industrial use of the river.The cleaner is for industrial use only.Peat remains a vital island fuel but little if any is exported and there is no industrial use such as whisky distilling.
From King Business Dictionaryindustrialin‧dus‧tri‧al /ɪnˈdʌstriəl/ adjective1connected with industrybig industrial companies such as Fiat S.p.AThe industrial sector remained weak at the end of the first quarter.China’s industrial output dropped sharply after floods stopped production in many factories.2having many industries, or industries that are well developedThe industrial nations are less dependent on oil than they were a decade ago.the industrial heartland (=the part where there is most industry) of Southern California3of the type used in industrya company that sells industrial fire alarms.companies with big interests in industrial chemicalsindustrial products such as cooling and heating equipment see also industrials