From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishindiscriminatein‧dis‧crim‧i‧nate /ˌɪndɪˈskrɪmənət◂/ adjective DON'T CAREan indiscriminate action is done without thinking about what harm it might causeindiscriminate attacks/killing/violence/bombing etc terrorists responsible for indiscriminate killing the indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizersindiscriminately adverb Soldiers fired indiscriminately into the crowd.
Examples from the Corpus
indiscriminateTroops were accused of indiscriminate killings of civilians.indiscriminate attacks/killing/violence/bombing etcTheir participation was notable mainly for its enthusiastic and seemingly indiscriminate violence.This is especially important since, as mentioned above, the indiscriminate attacks of the 1939-45 War were generally justified as reprisals.Drug dealing, indiscriminate violence, other crime and family disorientation and disintegration are now all aspects of everyday existence.