Word family noun dependant dependenceindependence dependency adjective dependable dependentindependent verb depend adverb dependably independently
noun independence independent adjective independent adverb independently
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independencein‧de‧pen‧dence /ˌɪndəˈpendəns/ ●●● W2 noun [uncountable] 1 PGINDEPENDENT COUNTRY OR ORGANIZATIONpolitical freedom from control by the government of another countryindependence from Nigeria gained independence from Britain in 1960.2 PGthe time when a country becomes politically independent The country has made great advances since independence.3 SSINDEPENDENT PERSONthe freedom and ability to make your own decisions in life, without having to ask other people for permission, help, or money ways of helping old people maintain their independence Having a job gives you financial independence.COLLOCATIONSMeanings 1 & 2adjectivesfull/complete independenceThe country gained complete independence from Britain in the 1960s.political/economic independenceZambia achieved political independence without a prolonged conflict.national independenceThe struggle for national independence lasted over 20 years.local independenceThe new constitution aims to strengthen local independence.verbsget independenceThe country eventually got its independence in 1960.gain/achieve/win independence (=get independence)Our aim was to achieve full independence.declare independenceEstonia declared independence on August 20th.grant something independence (=allow a country to become independent)It was General de Gaulle who granted Algeria independence.bring independence to somethingThe rebels fought to bring independence to East Africa.move towards independence (=gradually achieve it over a period of time)The country was slowly moving towards independence.independence + NOUNIndependence Day (=a day on which a country's independence is celebrated)The president was on television giving his Independence Day speech.independence celebrationsThe region is preparing for Monday's independence celebrations.phrasesthe struggle for independenceThe struggle for independence continued for three decades.
Examples from the Corpus
independenceShyness in this instance has proved a virtue and its resulting insularity and independence a blessing.Many became voluntary controlled, with more carefully circumscribed independence and total support from public funds.She worked hard to gain financial independencethe Vietnamese struggle for independenceThe British granted independence to Ceylon in 1948.Roz said she'd never marry because she valued her independence too much.He was desperate to get a job and regain his independence.Only the Kandyan Kingdom maintained its independence in the interior.Money means mobility, money means independence and personal dignity.Thus the national economic programme departs from the political; national independence does not include economic independence.Gradually schools gained a certain amount of independence from the Church.This vital dilemma is discussed later in chapter 11, along with the pros and cons of independence.She no longer had that feeling of independence she had fought so hard to win.Your first pay cheque gives you a terrific sense of independence.I had this sense of independence.the American war of independenceInflation - rampant since independence - now went mad.Since independence, the country has had high unemployment.There is a move to increase the independence of the judiciary.Though they want to exert their independence, these kids are not quite ready for it.The apartments allow older people to keep their independence, while having medical care available.independence fromAlgeria won independence from France more than thirty years independenceThe clergy had a financial independence which the laity lacked.The Länder had considerable financial independence and their position in the Bundesrat further strengthened their powers.Wealth Private funds; financial independence.There were times of insecurity and wonder, but we kept moving toward our goal of financial independence.Today it prospers and because of the financial independence that business brings, the Johnsons' dreams are coming true.Charles and Laquetta Prince realized early in their marriage that free enterprise was the only sure route to financial independence.He will work for your financial independence and will never take advantage or misuse your money for his own good.