From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishincomein‧come /ˈɪŋkʌm, ˈɪn-/ ●●● S2 W1 noun [countable, uncountable] EARNthe money that you earn from your work or that you receive from investments, the government etcsalaryon an income People on higher incomes should pay more tax.income from income from savings and pensions low-income familiessee thesaurus at salary private income, unearned income at unearnedCOLLOCATIONSverbshave an income (also receive an income formal)We have an income of over $100,000 a year.provide an incomeThe properties he rented out provided him with an income.generate an income (=provide one)He decided to invest the money to generate an income for the future.increase your incomeShe took on extra work to increase her income.supplement/add to your income (=increase your income, for example by doing an extra job)Ted supplemented his income by doing part-time work in the evenings.somebody’s income rises/increases/goes upThey saw their income rise considerably over the next few years.somebody’s income falls/goes downAverage income fell by one third during this period.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + incomea high/large incomeHe has a relatively high income.a low/small incomeRent takes a large chunk of their small income.somebody’s annual incomeBrian’s annual income is around £43,000.the average incomeThe report compares average incomes across different European countries.the national income (=the income of a country)A large proportion of the national income comes from food incomeShe works in a shop to supplement the family income.disposable income (=your income after tax and necessary bills have been paid)People spend a high proportion of their disposable income running a car.gross income (=income before you have paid tax)The family’s gross income has increased by 5% this income (=income after you have paid tax)He was left with a net income of just £80 per week.taxable income (=the part of your income on which you pay tax)Money received in rent is included as part of your taxable income.a joint income (=that two or more people have)Between them they have a joint income of less than £20,000.somebody's personal incomeAverage personal incomes rose by about 5% last year.investment income (=income from investments)You will be taxed on your investment income.income + NOUNan income level/groupThe tax rate rises with the individual’s income income bracket (=income level)In general, people in higher income brackets live longer.income tax (=tax that you pay on your income)The standard rate of income tax is to be cut by 0.5%.incomes policy British English (=government controls on wages)Government control of the economy must include an effective incomes policy.phrasesa source of incomeHis pension was his only source of income.loss of incomeYou can buy insurance to protect you against loss of income if you are ill.
Examples from the Corpus
incomeOthers gain an income from a team of supporters not necessarily in their new church.Experts also say the clearance rates are most useful when comparing communities that are similar in size and income level.The average annual income in Hong Kong is now much higher than it was in 1994.Braund's annual income is just over $40,000.Richard has a comfortable income from his salary and his investments.Writing tops up his income and finances the rare fish projects.I'd love to know what his income is. He has so many new clothes and such an expensive car.The optimal size of stabilization policy depends upon the coefficient of correlation between the policy and the original fluctuations in income.Life-chances include income, perks and pensions, together with less tangible benefits such as security or good working conditions.The provision restricting investment income was also thought to be of dubious constitutionality.Couples with joint incomes over $50,000 are the fastest growing segment of the housing market.If you are on a low income, you may be entitled to free dental treatment.Families on low incomes are eligible for state benefits.The whole family survives on the mother's monthly income of less than £500.We knew we'd need another source of income if we were planning to have a big family.She receives a regular income from the investments she made twenty years ago.Columns 1 and 2 of Table 8-2 portray the mechanics of the income tax for a married couple filing a joint return.Automobile workers had doubled their incomes and expanded their skills.The amount of tax you have to pay depends on your income.
From King Business Dictionaryincomein‧come /ˈɪŋkʌm, ˈɪn-/ noun1[countable, uncountable] money that you earn from your job or that you receive from investmentsThe family pays more than 50% of its income in rent.Transferring interest from a deposit account can provide you with a regular income from your savings.People on low incomes will be getting some help to pay their fuel bills. accrued income annual income deferred income discretionary income disposable income earned income2ACCOUNTINGmoney that a company makes from its activities, after taking away some costs. Companies calculate their income in different ways according to the ACCOUNTING SYSTEM they use and the type of business they are inThe casino reported income of $21.8 million on revenue of $269 million. adjusted gross income fixed income gross income investment income money income national income net income operating income per-capita income personal income premium income private income psychic income real income taxable income tax-exempt income unearned income unreported income