Word family noun exclusioninclusion verb excludeinclude
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinclusionin‧clu‧sion /ɪnˈkluːʒən/ ●○○ noun 1 [uncountable]INCLUDE the act of including someone or something in a larger group or set, or the fact of being included in oneinclusion in His inclusion in the team has caused controversy. photos chosen for inclusion in the magazineinclusion of the inclusion of early recordings on the CD2 [countable]INCLUDE someone or something that has been included in a larger group With the recent inclusions, there will be 28 delegates in all.
Examples from the Corpus
inclusionDemocrats are very sensitive about inclusion.And two Darlington guest house owners called on the council to narrow the boundaries for inclusion to eight miles instead of 20.Details for inclusion in this column must be received in writing three days before publication.Birthtales looks forward to the day when these female experiences are considered to be a valid subjects for inclusion in galleries.This can be made more valuable by the inclusion of the hospital chaplain.Madison opposed the inclusion of a Bill of Rights in the Constitution.The inclusion of incentives judiciously applied to several parameters will reduce the danger.However, their potential implications for the major conurbations merits their inclusion here.for inclusion inBecause Cosmos have purchased your ticket in advance for inclusion in your holiday package your entry into the Theme Park is guaranteed.An obvious candidate for inclusion in these tables is the delay between referral and first appointment in outpatient clinics.Details for inclusion in this column must be received in writing three days before publication.Checklist of information for inclusion in reports of clinical trials.Its footage is mainly licensed world-wide to film makers for inclusion in features and documentaries.Neither sleep apnoea nor any other medical condition was a prerequisite for inclusion in this sampling.The schemes for inclusion in Phase 2 were selected to contribute to the exploration of particular aspects of the Development Programme.
From King Business Dictionaryinclusionin‧clu‧sion /ɪnˈkluːʒən/ noun [uncountable] the act of including something as part of a larger amount or group of thingsthe inclusion of cash flow informationinclusion inThe agency is still reviewing two other widely used ingredients for possible inclusion in the ban. compare exclusion