Word family noun exclusioninclusion verb excludeinclude
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishincludein‧clude /ɪnˈkluːd/ ●●● S1 W1 verb [transitive] 1 INCLUDEif one thing includes another, the second thing is part of the first Does the price include postage? His job includes looking after under-21 teams. The curriculum includes courses in computing.2 INCLUDEto make someone or something part of a larger group or set OPP exclude The team is stronger now they’ve included Roscoe.include something in/on something Service is included in the bill. Would you include a mobile phone on your list of essentials?GrammarPrepositions with includeYou include someone or something in a group, total, statement etc: Insurance is included in the price. Don’t say: Insurance is included on the price.You include something or someone on a list: His name was included on the team sheet.Using the progressiveInclude is not used in the progressive. You say: The book includes a chapter on Europe. Don’t say: The book is including a chapter on Europe.However, the present participle including is very commonly used as a preposition: It costs $150 including tax.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
includeThe price of the computer includes £500 worth of free software.The toy has flashing lights and a siren noise, but batteries are not included.Electrical systems had to be updated to install all the new equipment, which also includes a couple of freezers.The sample tasks all include a measurement context in which decimals have to be ordered.Today's programme will include a workshop on language learning games.The price for the hotel includes breakfast.These include generating and managing reports, building and printing labels, and creating and using custom forms.You don't have to pay for your flights - they're included in the price of your holiday.His sovereignty is not confined to the created order but includes political powers.Early attempts to fortify rice included riboflavin along with the other constituents.The team is looking strong, especially now that they have included Roscoe.Our tour party included several young families.They also prepare financial reports for nonmanagement groups, including stockholders, creditors, regulatory agencies, and tax authorities.Even if you include the cost of food, it's still a cheap vacation.Symptoms of the disease include tiredness and loss of memory.I have included two jazz numbers in my selection.Other favorites include unit housing makers Nagawa Co.Could we maybe include Wendell in the game?include something in/on somethingWhy did they include Baltimore on the list?
From King Business Dictionaryincludein‧clude /ɪnˈkluːd/ verb [transitive] if something includes something else, the second thing is part of the first thingThe price includes shipping and handling.include something in somethingThe auditors included the restructuring charge of $9 million in the final assessment of the accounts.including prepositionThe current staff numbers 40 attorneys, including 10 partners.→ See Verb tableOrigin include (1400-1500) Latin includere, from claudere to close