From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishincidencein‧ci‧dence /ˈɪnsɪdəns/ AWL noun [countable usually singular] formal AMOUNTthe number of times something happens, especially crime, disease etcrateincidence of Why did the incidence of heroin use continue to climb?high/low etc incidence Smokers had the highest incidence of colds.
Examples from the Corpus
incidencea neighborhood with a high incidence of drug and alcohol abusePoverty is one of the reasons for the high incidence of crime in this district.There is a higher incidence of suicide among women than men.The reported incidence of this crime rose 28. 6 percent between 1974 and 1983, more than any other major offense.Since the early 1970s the incidence of breast cancer has increased by about 1% per year.From the mid 1880s there was a marked increase in the incidence of strikes.Furthermore, in comparison with men the incidence of pancreatitis discharges in women did not increase between 1970 and 1989.Special preconceptual care designed to reduce the incidence of congenital malformation is also examined from this point of view.In this respect the incidence of neurosis seems inversely proportional to social disorder.Why then is the rate of circumcision up to six times greater than the incidence of preputial pathology?The true incidence of this varies and is greatly influenced by the experience and skill of the surgical team.high/low etc incidenceThere has been a high incidence of political succession by means of military coups dtat.But the case for amiodarone is not proved, and it has been associated with a higher incidence of sudden death.Introduction Old people have the highest incidence of dementia, a condition with over 100 distinct causes.Because of the low incidence of the disorder such services can never be comprehensively and efficiently provided at district level.The high incidence of biliary leakage could not be easily explained.Portacaval shunt surgery has not enjoyed great popularity because of the very high incidence of postoperative encephalopathy in the elderly.
From King Business Dictionaryincidencein‧ci‧dence /ˈɪnsɪdəns/ noun [singular]1TAX the effect of a particular tax on people or organizations, and how much they have to payThe structure of production may influence the incidence of taxation.2the number of times something happensThe incidence of new product failure is very high.