in somebody’s shoes

From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin somebody’s shoesin somebody’s shoesINSTEADin someone else’s situation, especially a bad one I wouldn’t like to be in his shoes when his wife finds out what happened. Anyone in her shoes would have done the same thing. Don’t be cross with them. Try to put yourself in their shoes (=imagine what it would feel like to be in their situation). shoe
Examples from the Corpus
be in ... shoesIf he were in her shoes, he sure would.I would, if I were in your shoes.If I was in their shoes I'd hold off a couple of days.Some are in deck shoes, some are in sandals, me in my flip-flops.I wouldn't care to be in your shoes if the general took it into his head to inspect you now.What wouldn't I give to be in your shoes now!I know, because people tell me, that many would like to be in my shoes.