From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishin-serviceˌin-ˈservice adjective in-service training/courses etc
Examples from the Corpus
in-serviceThese books are also useful for teacher-trainers preparing in-service courses, and as reference sources to teachers working on their own.Corporations such as Citibank provide in-service literacy help for some of their employees.They are also involved in in-service teacher training and disseminating central government thinking on curriculum and practice.If trainees are attending a regular in-service training course, individual viewing could be built into the syllabus.Action: Organise in-service training for staff on customer relations.So what could in-service training offer teachers in locating and treating the causes of this dynamic?Both should receive official sanction and both require in-service training opportunities to acquire the necessary skills.Time available for in-service training was cut and cut again.
From King Business Dictionaryin-serviceˈin-service adjective in-service training/courses etcHUMAN RESOURCES training etc that you do while you are working in a job