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in-lawsˈin-laws noun [plural] informal SSFFAMILYyour relatives by marriage, especially the father and mother of your husband or wifemother-in-law, father-in-law We have to spend Christmas with the in-laws.
Examples from the Corpus
in-lawsThen wash up, change your clothes, and come greet your future in-laws.But without the financial support from her in-laws it was difficult to continue, so she returned home without completing the program.Her elder sister had married and moved to her in-laws.I understand they were both hoping for a child, as well as his in-laws.Jimmy: Because his in-laws live there.We lived with my in-laws until we had enough money to buy a house of our own.My in-laws are coming to visit next week.My in-laws didn't know - I didn't tell them.Elizabeth and her children were kicked out of the Wartburg castle by the in-laws.Providence saw fit to favour me with wonderful in-laws.