Word family noun impression impressionism impressionist impressiveness adjective impressionable impressiveunimpressive impressionistic unimpressed verb impress adverb impressively impressionistically
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishimpressiveim‧pres‧sive /ɪmˈpresɪv/ ●●○ W3 adjective GOOD/EXCELLENTsomething that is impressive makes you admire it because it is very good, large, important etc The figures certainly look impressive. Among the guests was an impressive array of authors and critics.see thesaurus at goodimpressively adverb Production standards are impressively high.impressiveness noun [uncountable]THESAURUSimpressive used about something that people admire because it is very good, large, important etcThe cathedral is very impressive.The drug has shown some impressive results.dazzling extremely impressive – used especially when someone does something very well or looks very beautifula dazzling performancea dazzling smilebreathtaking extremely impressive – used especially about beautiful views, or the fast speed of somethingThe views of the Rocky Mountains are simply breathtaking.The economy is growing at a breathtaking pace.spectacular very impressive and exciting to look at or watcha spectacular fireworks displayawe-inspiring so impressive that you feel great respect and admiration, or you feel rather frightenedMichelangelo’s masterpiece is awe-inspiring.The volcano was an awe-inspiring sight.majestic [usually before noun] very impressive because of being big and beautifulthe majestic mountain scenerya majestic animalimposing [usually before noun] written used about buildings and people that are large and impressivethe imposing entrance hall The bishop was an imposing figure.
Examples from the Corpus
impressiveEven so, that by-election victor, Mrs Elizabeth Shield, scored an impressive 22,449.You can visit the desert as part of an impressive 5-day excursion out of the city.The rich variety of animal life we found was very impressive.The school's examination results were very impressive achievementLexi was an impressive dramatic actress.The little guy can sometimes wield the Freedom of Information Act to impressive effect.Alan Howard has been impressive in "Henry IV' at the National Theatre.The Bruins have been impressive in their last five games.Benedict returned from each journey with impressive paintings, relics, books, and glassworks for his monasteries.External views are very impressive such as the remote target view.The results have been impressive, with 17 designated neighborhoods.impressive array ofBoth styles come with an impressive array of features including Gore-Tex lining, Cordura upper and Vibram sole.It will complete an impressive array of hardware - ready, for the next war.They possess an impressive array of scent glands under nervous and endocrine control, the hormones involved being mostly steroids.