Word family noun implementation verb implement
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishimplementim‧ple‧ment1 /ˈɪmpləment/ ●●○ W3 AWL verb [transitive] DOto take action or make changes that you have officially decided should happenimplement a policy/plan/decision etc We have decided to implement the committee’s recommendations in full.implementation /ˌɪmpləmenˈteɪʃən/ noun [uncountable] the implementation of the peace plan→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
implementNow, though, it is easier to implement efficiencies.Cost-cutting measures have been implemented in most hospitals.Very few parties in government ever want to implement major political reform.She is expected to implement measures to address the popular grievances that have helped to fuel the mutiny.In practice, however, most of these organizations implement only a part of the Deming approach.We need a strategy that can be implemented quickly.An international team has been set up to implement recent UN recommendations.He must now win a battle with the Treasury for funding to enable councils to implement the plan.But it is essential to establish the policies in laws; policies do not implement themselves.TECs and LECs will be closely involved in developing and implementing this new initiative.implement a policy/plan/decision etcAt the end of the day most departments have to be left alone to implement policies.Modeled along Confucian lines, it consisted of six ministries that shaped policy, each paralleled by a department to implement decisions.Most are constrained by limited resources and by intractable domestic agendas that impede their capability to implement policy.Voluntary work Have you had to raise money and implement plans?In practice, of course, it would be very difficult to implement a policy of this nature.Hierarchies implement decisions that are made by those in authority; the market gives more autonomy to individual agents.When such interest groups can help the government implement policy, they enjoy a privileged position.The move comes as the telephone company implements a plan to trim billions of dollars in expenses and to boost earnings.
implementim‧ple‧ment2 /ˈɪmpləmənt/ AWL noun [countable] TOOLa tool, especially one used for outdoor physical work
Examples from the Corpus
implementA clear timetable for the implementation of new city programs is lacking.agricultural implementsArt was therefore seen as an implement with which to improve, both morally and socially, the condition of humanity.It is best to cut weeds off at the roots with an implement such as a hoe.But standing there with Billie, surrounded by implements that promised home improvement, he yielded to an acquisitive urge.If I am ferreting single-handedly there is no need for any other digging implement.There was a lengthy getting-to-know-you period between Sam and his often ridiculed broomhandle putting implement.The native women grind the wheat with heavy stone implements.They are not the implements of a wise man.Opposite this another, smaller table held gloves, a sou'wester, and a gardening-basket crammed with implements.He threw his tablet and writing implement on the floor when the sentence was announced and was immediately put to death.These children often appear to be in agony as they awkwardly and ever-so-tightly grip their writing implements.Some children find it difficult to hold their writing implements.
Origin implement2 (1400-1500) Late Latin implementum act of filling up, from Latin implere to fill up