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imagingim·ag·ing /ˈɪmɪdʒɪŋ/ noun [uncountable] a technical process in which pictures of the inside of someone’s body are produced, especially for medical reasons New imaging technologies mean that doctors are better able to screen for breast cancer.
Examples from the Corpus
imagingAbdominal imaging so far has been disappointing because of the aperiodic motion of the gut wall and its contents.It supports visualisation of three-dimensional data sets for applications such as satellite and medical imaging, molecular modelling, and image compositing.At present echo planar imaging is only available in a few research centres worldwide.Electrical resistivity imaging has been developed to aid the prediction of fluid flow both in fractures and in the matrix.Results of computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging were normal.Because of its superior contrast capabilities magnetic resonance imaging is the current first choice technique for assessing instability of the cervical spine.Abdominal ultrasound imaging showed non-dilated bile ducts, several fluid collections, and guided puncture yielded bile.