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imageim‧age /ˈɪmɪdʒ/ ●●● S2 W1 AWL noun [countable] 1 public opinionAPPEARANCEREPUTATION the opinion people have of a person, organization, product etc, or the way a person, organization etc seems to be to the publicreputationimage of attempts to improve the image of the policesee thesaurus at reputation2 idea in mindIDEA a picture that you have in your mind, especially about what someone or something is like or the way they lookimage of He had no visual image of her, only her name. He had the clearest image in his mind of his mother and father.3 picture/what you see a) SHAPEa picture of an object in a mirror or in the lens of a camera She peered closely at her image in the mirror. b) SHAPEa picture on the screen of a television, cinema, or computer Jill Sharpe was little more than a name, a glossy image on a television screen. c) SHAPEa picture or shape of a person or thing that is copied onto paper or is cut in wood or stone carved images4 descriptionIMAGINE a word, phrase, or picture that describes an idea in a poem, book, film etc He paints a very romantic image of working-class communities.5 be the (very/living/spitting) image of somebody6 in the image of somebody/something mirror imageCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + imagea good/positive imageWe want to give people a positive image of the town.a bad/negative imageIt’s difficult to explain why the industry has such a bad image.Many negative images of women are found in the media.a wholesome/clean-cut image (=morally good and never doing anything bad)The recent scandal has damaged his clean-cut upmarket image British English, an upscale image American English (=expensive and good quality)The company is trying to promote an upmarket image.a downmarket image British English, a downscale image American English (=cheap and not good quality)The store has struggled to break away from its downmarket image.the traditional image of somethingThey want to improve the traditional image of English food.the popular image of somethingThe popular image of the spy as a glamorous figure of mystery is far from the reality.somebody’s/something’s public image (=the image that many people have of someone or something)Her public image does not reflect the way she behaves in private.somebody’s screen image (=how someone seems in films or on TV)He had cultivated a screen image as a ruthless tough guy.a macho image (=someone’s image as a man who is strong and tough)He was keen to project a macho image in this film.verbshave an imageThe product has a rather downmarket image.create an imageThe company is trying to create an image of quality and reliability.improve your imageThe casino industry was keen to improve its image.damage your imageHas this scandal damaged the company’s image?live up to your image (=be like the image you have presented of yourself)He has certainly lived up to his wild rock-star image.present/project/promote an image (=behave in a way that creates a particular image)He presented an image of himself as an energetic young leader.cultivate an image (=try to encourage or develop an image)He was trying to cultivate an image of himself as an intellectual.tarnish an image (=damage it slightly)His behaviour has tarnished the image of the sport.clean up your image (=improve your image after it has been damaged)The pop star promised to clean up his image after he was released from prison.lose/shed an image (=get rid of it)The party struggled to lose its image of being somewhat old-fashioned.image + NOUNan image problemPoliticians have an image problem as far as many young people are concerned.
Examples from the Corpus
imageThe princess tried to project an image of herself as serious and hardworking.It was not direct preparation for production that the schools should be providing but image building.But Moore is far more outrageous than her pop-culture image.The digitized images can be stored on a computer hard disk, or printed out on special photographic paper.the flickering images of an old silent movieSome have made pilgrimages to re-enact ancient rituals in caves, others have dressed in costumes and objects evoking traditional Goddess images.The scandal has badly hurt her image as an honest politician.When he stared at his image in the mirror, Smith saw a middle-aged man.The President's advisers said it would be bad for his image to be photographed with union leaders.This latest scandal has severely hurt his image as a leader.He doesn't really need those glasses - they're just part of his "intellectual" image.The party is seeking to improve its image with female voters.Perth is proud of its image as a breeding ground for "don't-take-no-for-an-answer" entrepreneurs.I like her new image - it's a lot more dignified.Most of the locations favourable for the emission of sound correspond more or less exactly to a painted image on the wall.I looked horrible - this bony, awkward, pitiful image.Mickey Mouse's image was plastered on billboards all over town.At forty-six, Burnett hardly fits most people's image of an American college student.Since I started working in this company, I have tried to maintain the image of a winner.The images on a computer screen are made up of thousands of tiny dots.The image can be seen from a variety of angles.The image Johnson had smashed was restored by Louis: he was controllable.The image of the tree in "Cinderella" is particularly important because it symbolizes personal growth.The images of starving people on the news was what motivated us to send money.People have this image of me as some kind of monster.image in ... mindIt's strange you have an image in your mind of the particular person you want for the particular role.But for six years I carried his image in my mind, determined that he should somehow be made to pay.He was repulsed by the scramble of images in her mind.Such coups gave the perpetrators of these daring acts something of a romantic image in the popular mind.The image in his mind's eye was as sharp as ever.The images in our minds of ourselves never change.I sketched the fish to preserve their images in my mind, then scalded and gutted them in boiling water.How would you need to change this image in your mind to score 100?
From King Business Dictionaryimageim‧age /ˈɪmɪdʒ/ noun [countable]1MARKETING the general opinion that most people have of a person, organization, product etcLaw suits hurt a company’s image and may hinder future fund raising.A good advertising campaign will promote a company’s corporate image while reminding consumers of the products it makes. brand image2a picture on the screen of a computer or televisionA small company is leading the way in using lasers to create three-dimensional models from computer images.Origin image (1100-1200) Old French imagene, from Latin imago