From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishideali‧deal1 /ˌaɪˈdɪəl◂/ ●●○ S3 W3 adjective 1 BESTthe best or most suitable that something could possibly be SYN perfect advice on how to reach your ideal weight The scheme offers an ideal opportunity for youngsters to get training. With so much rain, conditions are far from ideal.ideal for An elastic waist makes these jeans ideal for the larger woman. an ideal place for a walk2 [only before noun]PERFECT an ideal world, job, system etc is one that you imagine to be perfect, but that is not likely to really exist SYN perfect In an ideal world there would be no need for a police force.
Examples from the Corpus
idealThe house was a little too small so it was not ideal.Hung on seemingly gossamer cables and curving seductively over a frothing gorge below the Falls, it would be esthetically ideal.I'm afraid the accommodation here is far from ideal.The main auditorium Although you can shrink a hall by various techniques, it is not ideal.If you could complete the report by Friday, that would be ideal.The town makes an ideal base for exploring the surrounding countryside.A completely new kitchen would be ideal, but I don't think that we can afford it.The ideal candidate will have a degree and at least two years' experience.Emergency admissions Admissions do not always take place in ideal circumstances, especially where a crisis has arisen.Combined with virtual reality capabilities, the team can design its own ideal collaborative work space without the constraints of physical reality.The trip is difficult, even under ideal conditions.The conditions are ideal for a day's skiing.With its tough suspension and 4-wheel drive, the truck is ideal for driving in the desert.It's a very relaxed hotel, ideal for families with young children.The weather was ideal for the whole vacation.The Report encouraged the idea that there is one ideal form of organisational structure which can be applied to all organisations.My new office is in an ideal location.My ideal man would be someone like Mel Gibson.Is it not also an ideal metaphor for Dole: Route 66, the thread that runs through his life?I realize this isn't an ideal situation.Plato dreamed of an ideal society.When is the ideal time for a gynecological exam?It certainly came at an ideal time, given the uncertainty surrounding this team.In an ideal world, no one would ever get sick.ideal opportunityThis was an ideal opportunity for a friend of mine who is a gifted seminar leader.Many catering colleges consider the award to be an ideal opportunity to evaluate their students' progress against other catering colleges.Problem-solving time is also an ideal opportunity to get some insight into how you are feeling and how your child is feeling.However, it is an ideal opportunity to meet one's colleagues on a regular basis and to discuss matters of concern.It is exclusive to Club 18-30, and offers an ideal opportunity to meet other couples on holiday.Workshops are an ideal opportunity to meet tutors and exchange ideas with fellow students.Male speaker Our community has three artists working from these workshops and this seemed an ideal opportunity to show their work.
idealideal2 ●●○ noun [countable] 1 PERFECTa principle about what is morally right or a perfect standard that you hope to achieveideal of the ideal of a free and democratic society the long-vanished ideals of the 1950s2 PERFECTa perfect example of what something should be likeideal of Are our ideals of beauty changing?COLLOCATIONSadjectivesa high ideal (also a lofty ideal formal)Most politicians start out with high ideals.a noble idealHe was willing to sacrifice his life for this noble ideal.a romantic idealI gave up my romantic ideal of love at the age of nineteen.political idealsAre you willing to fight for your political ideals?revolutionary idealsHe still believed in the revolutionary ideals of equality and justice.socialist/democratic/liberal idealsHe is committed to democratic ideals such as majority rule. artistic ideals (also aesthetic ideals formal)His father had given up artistic ideals in pursuit of money.verbsbelieve in an idealWe believe in the ideal of justice for committed to an ideal (=believe in it strongly)Everyone in the party is committed to the same socialist up to your ideals (=be as good as you think something should be)The regime is not living up to its supposed democratic ideals.fall short of your ideals (=not be as good as you think something should be)In appearance, she fell somewhat short of his true to your ideals (=to behave in the way that you believe is right)Stick to your principles and be true to your ideals.cling to your ideals (=continue to believe that something is good or right even when it does not seem to be like this in real life)He is a man who still clings to ideals of loyalty and friendship.abandon your ideals (=to stop believing in ideals)Have these young people abandoned the ideals of the Civil Rights Movement?betray your ideals (=to do something that is not acceptable according to your ideals)He argues that Lenin betrayed his revolutionary ideals.
Examples from the Corpus
idealWhat this meant in ordinary language was that only those who subscribed to Francoist ideals would be remembered and honoured.Many Southerners have deeply held ideals about honor.And different from the maternal ideal.In other words, one alternative to anti-perfectionism is restrictions on the choice of means through which perfectionist ideals are pursued.These humanist goals could be fully covered by the ideals which are sometimes described as socialist.If this is the case, then the task of propagating the ideal of legality is not a specifically legal one.He was also one of the men most dedicated to the ideals of the reborn university.the ideal of equalityThis is particularly so in the case of course-integrated instruction and this ideal is more seldom reached in practice than course-related education.ideal ofthe American ideal of the nuclear family
Origin ideal1 (1400-1500) French idéal, from Late Latin idealis, from Latin idea; IDEA