I vote ...

From King Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishI vote ...I vote ...spoken used to say that you prefer one particular choice or possible actionvote (that) I vote we go to the movies.I vote ... for ‘What do you want to eat?’ ‘I vote for Mexican.’ vote
Examples from the Corpus
vote (that)The Republicans were soundly defeated in the South, even in places where there were voting black majorities.Siumut lost votes but retained the 11 seats it held in the outgoing Landsting.A Sierra Club survey has shown three quarters of Californians to be environmentalists, and most of these vote Democrat.Residents vote for a council in their district and for an overall citywide council, seat of the real local power.Defence is now allowed to carry forward a percentage of its vote into the next financial year.Gramm missed 68 votes, making him a participant in 88. 9 percent of the Senate votes.And I fear for the darkness as four Justices anxiously await the single vote necessary to extinguish the light.Lawmakers initially had been scheduled to vote on the bill Friday, but postponed the balloting for lack of sufficient votes.