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huthut /hʌt/ ●●○ noun [countable] TBa small simple building with only one or two roomsshack a wooden hut
Examples from the Corpus
hutIt was a visionary move for a city of 500 residents, huddled around adobe huts in Old Town.In one sense, nobody at the zoo lost a job, hut in another sense everyone did.He walked down the path to the little hut.She did it not to scare me, hut to teach me the facts of life.To our western eyes as he stood in his raggy, holed clothes in front of his mud hut he would appear very poor.The next day we were informed that we weren't allowed to use the huts again.At last there was the hut, crouched near its grove of hives.There are also some wooden huts and everything is fenced in to keep out the wolves and curious locals.
Origin hut (1500-1600) French hutte