hung parliament

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hung parliamentˌhung ˈparliament noun [countable] British EnglishPPV a parliament in which no political party has more elected representatives than the others added together
Examples from the Corpus
hung parliamentAll three party leaders have their admirers and the feeling on the ranks is that it will be a hung Parliament.He issued a passionate plea to Labour and the Conservatives to spell out what they would do in a hung Parliament.It represents a major setback for the Tories and raises the prospect of a hung Parliament with Labour the biggest party.Analysts say a hung parliament could hurt the economy by delaying progress on economic liberalization and reduction of the budget deficit.Five out of six opinion polls yesterday showed Labour in the lead, pointing to a hung Parliament as the most likely outcome.Shares in privatised companies reacted strongly to the possibility of a Tory-dominated hung Parliament.If not, the hung parliament stays.