From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhugehuge /hjuːdʒ/ ●●● S1 W2 adjective 1 huge.jpg BIGextremely large in size, amount, or degree SYN enormous a huge dog huge crowds Your room’s huge compared to mine. These shoes make my feet look huge.a huge amount/sum/quantity etc huge sums of money We are only now realizing the huge scale of the problem.a huge loss/profit/increase etc a huge increase in costa huge range/variety/selection etc a huge range of issuesa huge success/disappointment etc The play was a huge success.a huge difference/gap etc The new system has made a huge difference.see thesaurus at big2 informal very popular or famous David Hasselhoff is huge in Germany.hugeness noun [uncountable]GrammarHuge is not used with ‘very’. You say: The house is absolutely huge. Don’t say: The house is very huge.
Examples from the Corpus
hugeHe has a huge belly and is always drooling.It was shiny metal, with a large black leather seat and huge black handlebars.Thelma baked a huge chocolate cake for me.The United States is a huge country with a relatively thin population spread over it.I don't care if it means I miss out on huge deals.The new system for targeting fraudulent websites has made a huge difference.Moving the speakers as little as an inch or two forward or backward can make a huge difference.Terrified, Mildred backed away and crashed into something hard, which seemed to be a huge iron railing towering above her.Behind the huge mirrors and searchlights were buildings full of food and supplies.King's new novel will undoubtedly be a huge success.There is huge unexplored potential in this field.a huge amount/sum/quantity etcHe claimed that Hunt, with others, laundered a huge amount through Geneva bank accounts.I have a huge amount of respect for him personally, and undying admiration for Greenpeace.I hope they realise by being here we will bring in a huge amount of trade.Mana put a huge amount of money into their boot and binding, but it flopped in the market.The constituent parts of this promise do not seem to add up to a huge amount.Each vessel must have cost a huge sum, and carried at least a score of men on board.It was completed in 1970, at a cost of one billion dollars - a huge sum in those days.
Origin huge (1100-1200) Old French ahuge