From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhubbubhub‧bub /ˈhʌbʌb/ noun [singular, uncountable] 1 LOUD/NOISYa mixture of loud noises, especially the noise of a lot of people talking at the same time2 a situation in which there is a lot of activity, excitement, or argumentcommotion
Examples from the Corpus
hubbubDetectable above the hubbub was the relentless throb of Christmas carols.His voice rose above the hubbub.It was some minutes before the hubbub died down.Many gay men rejected these connections and found long-term partners, often away from the hubbub of the emerging gay fast lane.It's a wonderful place to escape from the hubbub of London's busy streets.Even as we were climbing the stairs, we heard the hubbub.The casual lawyer is telling his story somberly seemingly unaware of any of the hubbub around us.The hubbub was so intense that it would be impossible to hold any private conversation.Add into this vagaries of the weather and a veritable hubbub of movement and change emerges.Indeed, by the time the whole hubbub had died down, he had received twenty-two such humanitarian awards.
Origin hubbub (1500-1600) Probably from a Celtic language