From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhourshours[plural]PERIOD OF TIME a fixed period of time in the day when a particular activity, business etc happens hours of business 9.00–5.00office/opening hours Please call during office hours.working hours/hours of work the advantages of flexible working hoursvisiting hours (=the time when you can visit someone in hospital)after hours (=after the time when a business, especially a bar, is supposed to close) hour
Examples from the Corpus
office/opening hoursBox office hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.She wanted to touch him, but continued to observe the rules that kept them apart during office hours.Just ring: This facility is available during office hours Monday to Friday.There could have been no other reason to visit Miss Moorland during office hours.Compiling such a list was a labour of love - too pleasurable an activity to pursue in office hours.In contrast to his predecessors who worked at all hours of the day Macmillan tended to keep office hours.Wives may act as secretaries but there is often difficulty in contracting sub-contractors during normal office hours.Cuts to police station opening hours.