From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhourlyhour‧ly /ˈaʊəli $ ˈaʊrli/ adjective [only before noun] 1 REGULARhappening or done every hour hourly news broadcasts Buses run at hourly intervals.2 hourly pay/earnings/fees etchourly adverb The database is updated hourly.
Examples from the Corpus
hourlyEvery day, and sometimes hourly, another batch of papers reaches the manager demanding his attention.Caffeine enemas are given four hourly, as well as castor oil - orally or by enema - to aid detoxification.A toll-free number for Internet access may be offered as well for an hourly charge.To ensure complete objectivity there are a growing number of IFAs who do not take commission but who charge an hourly fee.The shuttle offers hourly flights linking New York and Washington.Four years later, it converted to hourly news headlines that it produced itself.The client must be told the hourly rate charged and the extent of the mark-up for skill, care and attention.He announced the results of a survey of 400 vets working in 600 slaughterhouses which found the average hourly rate was £25.70.An hourly service from 10.00 will operate and there will be accommodation for non-Santa passengers.