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hotelho‧tel /həʊˈtel $ hoʊ-/ ●●● S2 W1 noun [countable] DLTa building where people pay to stay and eat meals I’ve booked the flights and the hotel. We’ll be at the Hotel Ibis.COLLOCATIONSverbsstay at/in a hotelWe stayed in a hotel near the airport.check into a hotel (also book into a hotel British English)He checked into the hotel a little after 2 pm.check out of a hotel (=leave a hotel)We packed and checked out of the a hotelThey run a small hotel in Cornwall.hotel + NOUNa hotel roomShe was watching TV in her hotel room.a hotel suite (=a set of rooms in a hotel)The singer was staying in a luxury hotel suite.hotel accommodation British English, hotel accommodations American English (=rooms in a hotel)The price includes hotel accommodation.a hotel guestHotel guests have free use of the gym and pool.the hotel restaurant/bar/gymThe hotel bar was empty.the hotel reception/lobbyShe waited for him in the hotel lobby.adjectivesa luxury hotel (=an expensive and comfortable hotel)a luxury hotel in central Londona two-star/three-star etc hotel (=a hotel that has been given a particular rating)On our honeymoon, we stayed in a four-star hotel in Paris.THESAURUShotel a building where people pay to stay and eat mealsWe’re staying at a hotel in Salzburg.the Plaza Hotel in New Yorka four-star hotelmotel a hotel for people travelling by car, usually with a place for the car near each roomthe Palm Court Motel on Highway 23inn a small hotel, especially an old one in the countryside. Also used in the names of some big modern hotelsan 18th-century country inn the Holiday Innbed and breakfast (also B & B) a private house or small hotel, where you can sleep and have breakfastThere’s a nice bed and breakfast in the village.I’ve got a list of bed and breakfasts from the tourist information.guesthouse a private house where people can pay to stay and have mealsWe stayed in a well-run guesthouse near the sea.hostel/youth hostel a very cheap hotel where people can stay for a short time while they are travelling. Hostels are used especially by young peopleNew Zealand has a network of small hostels, ideal for backpackers.
Examples from the Corpus
hotelPolice raided its founding conference at a Casablanca hotel, where 40 people were arrested and cautioned.Its strength and abrasion resistance have made it ideal for shoe cleaning cloths, as provided by most hotel chains.Tents and marquees have traditionally been used in the grounds of hotels and country clubs for special functions such as receptions and parties.At dock, the operation would be supported with a Westernthemed entertainment complex and a 300-room hotel.Despite the lack of gas and electricity, the hotel coffee was hot.He took all meals in his room, owed money to the hotel, expected a visit from an assistant manager.The hotels and restaurants failed to prosper.Don't phone home from your hotel.
From King Business Dictionaryhotelho‧tel /həʊˈtelhoʊ-/ noun [countable]TRAVEL a building where people pay to stay and have mealslarge international hotels whose operations are geared to the needs of overseas travellersOrigin hotel (1600-1700) French hôtel, from Old French hostel; HOSTEL