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ldoce_163_hhorsehorse1 /hɔːs $ hɔːrs/ ●●● S1 W1 noun 1 HBA[countable] a large strong animal that people ride and use for pulling heavy thingspony, equine, equestrian a horse and cart Lee had never ridden a horse before.2 the horses3 [countable]DSO a piece of sports equipment in a gymnasium that people jump over4 (straight/right) from the horse’s mouth5 horses for courses6 a two/three/four etc horse race7 a horse of a different color8 horse sense9 EXCHANGE[uncountable] old-fashioned informal heroin dark horse, → never/don’t look a gift horse in the mouth at gift1(7), → be flogging a dead horse at flog(3), → hold your horses at hold1(15), → put the cart before the horse at cart1(5), → stalking horse, white horses
Examples from the Corpus
horseThis means that the rider can help his horse should he peck on landing or hesitate into a fence.Meanwhile, Seb tied the reins of his horse to the back of the cart before sprinting towards the manor house.Athelstan stopped his horse outside St Erconwald's and thought about that further.He kisses her and swings on to his horse.If you have a performance horse, be wary of prohibited substances.The horse rolled over on me and I had to jump off to safety.The horse was third favourite, quite well backed.
horsehorse2 verb horse around/about→ See Verb tableOrigin horse1 Old English hors