home office

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home officeˌhome ˈoffice noun [countable] a room in someone’s home where that person works, which usually has equipment such as a computer, fax machine etcstudy
Examples from the Corpus
home officeIf you work in a home office, children may be another source of unsafe noise.Martha discovered that a few simple rules about her home office are helping to maintain this porous and transparent border.Not only must you use your home office exclusively for business, but you must use it regularly, as well.
Home Office, thethe Home OfficeˈHome ˌOffice, the the British government department that deals with keeping order in the country, controlling who enters the country etcForeign Office
Examples from the Corpus
Home Office, theNo doubt those shiny-elbowed clerks in the Home Office prefer it so.Rather than intervening directly, the Home Office appointed an independent commissioner, whose report vindicated Dyer's accusations.She/he may withhold the central grant to any force deemed inefficient by the Home Office Inspectorate.A Home Office pathologist and forensic science team are at the scene, carrying out a full investigation.The Home Office said all five were on trial on charges connected with the Strangeways riot.Is it not also serious that it is implied that the Home Office knew about that involvement at the time?I pay tribute to the Home Office for the way in which it dealt with immigrants who came to Northern Ireland.
From King Business Dictionaryhome officeˌhome ˈoffice [countable] another name for small office/home office office