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ldoce_160_ghomehome1 /həʊm $ hoʊm/ ●●● S1 W1 noun 1 place where you live [countable, uncountable]HOME the house, apartment, or place where you live They have a beautiful home in California. Good luck in your new home!at home Last night we stayed at home and watched TV.away from home He was spending more and more time away from home.work from/at home (=do your work at home instead of at a company office) A family of birds made their home (=started living) under the roof.2 family [countable, uncountable]HOME the place where a child lived with his or her family Jack left home when he was 16. Were you still living at home (=with your parents)? Carrie moved out of the family home a year ago.3 where you came from/belong [countable, uncountable]HOME the place where you came from or where you usually live, especially when this is the place where you feel happy and comfortable She was born in Italy, but she’s made Charleston her home.back home The folks back home don’t really understand what life is like here.4 your countryCOUNTRY/NATION [uncountable] the country where you live, as opposed to foreign countriesat home auto sales at home and abroadback home He’s been travelling, but he’s kept up with what’s going on back home.5 be/feel at home6 property [countable]HOME a house, apartment etc considered as property which you can buy or sell Attractive modern homes for sale. 7 for taking care of somebody [countable]HOME a place where people who are very old or sick, or children who have no family, are looked after an old people’s home I could never put Dad into a home. children's home, nursing home, rest home8 make yourself at home9 make somebody feel at home10 the home of something11 at home12 home from home13 home sweet home14 dogs’/cats’ home15 find a home for something16 what’s that when it’s at home?17 games [uncountable]DG a place in some games or sports which a player must try to reach in order to win a point home plate, home runCOLLOCATIONSMeanings 1 & 2ADJECTIVES/NOUN + home a secure/stable home (=a caring family without a lot of changes)He had grown up in a stable home.a happy home (=a happy family)We had a happy home.a broken home (=a family in which the parents have separated)Many of the youngsters came from broken homes.the family home (=where a family lives)The house was once the family home of the O'Dare family.the marital home (=where a husband and wife live)He left the marital home to move in with his lover.somebody’s childhood/boyhood etc home (=where you lived as a child)I had not been back to my childhood home for ten years.a permanent/temporary homeFlood victims were offered temporary homes.verbslive at home (=live with your parents)More people in their twenties are still living at home because housing is so expensive.leave home (=stop living with your parents at home)Lisa had left home at age 16.work from/at home (=do your work at home instead of at an office)I work at home three days a week. THESAURUShome the house, apartment, or place where you liveMore and more people are working from home.It was past midnight by the time I got home.house a building that someone lives in, especially a building intended for one person, couple, or familyShall we meet at your house?Have you seen Dave’s new house – it’s huge!place spoken informal the house, apartment, or room where someone livesWe went to Sara’s place after the movie.He’s just bought a fantastic place right by the sea.residence formal the house or apartment where someone lives, especially a large or official oneThe prime minister’s official residence is 10 Downing Street.His wife transferred her main residence to Spain.holiday home British English, vacation home American English a house that someone owns by the sea, in the mountains etc, where they go for their holidaysThey bought a luxury holiday home in Spain.
Examples from the Corpus
homeAny readers attempting to furnish a home should find ample material in the September issue.I never wanted to put my mother in a home.It took us about ten years to think of Atlanta as home.In fact, he finds that he is able to get a great deal of work done at home on these days.To raise the extra money they had to sell the family home.Buying your first home is a very important step.She was born in Italy, but she's made Charleston her home.Her home, she said, was in Hong Kong, but she hadn't been there since she was a child.I've lived in Madrid for many years, and it feels like home to me now.They want to build forty luxury homes on a disused railway site.Between 1945 and 1970 the government built 110,000 new homes for low-paid workers.The restaurant isn't far from our home, so it's convenient.People like to feel secure in their own homes.They grew up in a children's home in Ohio.It is the home of that most Freudian of plants, the coco-de-mer.The tax rate depends on when the home was purchased.They were cared for by friends at their home in nearby Witney.And owners note a perceptible increase in door-hangers, fliers and other pleas from agents to put their homes up for sale.Their homes are mobile in name only.You need to maintain a good balance between your home life and career.at homeThe Jets lost 6-3 at home to New England.Earlier in the century it was normal for women to have their babies at home.Sales of electrical goods have increased, both at home and abroad.I spent the evening at home watching TV.Shocked by the events at home, the president cut short his trip to Europe.Darren still lives at home with his parents.I think she still lives at home with her parents.The good thing about my job is that I can often work at home.left homeThen he got a job selling tickets on the railways, and left home.His fingers were already tingling. 17 David knew it would be difficult to park in Soho and had left home early.When Lombardy left home about 8 a.m., the detective followed and alerted an officer in a patrol car.Born to godly parents, Mel left home at fifteen and joined the Navy.Anguished Bernadette spoke of her ordeal since Mr Onanuga left home 16 days ago.He seemed to recover considerably after Paheri left home.She left home early in the morning and often returned late at night.He probably felt the same, since his sister left home just as he was beginning to get to know her. made ... homeAfter the Bombecks made Arizona their home, many local charities benefited from their generosity as well as their presence at fund-raisers.I would have liked to have heard it again at the second service but Dad made us hurry home.In spite of his frustrations, though, he fell in love with the country and eventually made his home in Jerusalem.Slowing to seventy, he made his way home.One school is building an artifical otter holt to provide them with a ready made home.She pulled off her hat, she made herself at home.Local folk tales made it the home of mythical monsters.I paid the tab, and we made our way home.back homeHe's glad to be back home.She had graduated from a Lutheran Bible college back home, and at one time she had seriously considered becoming a nun.He would tell Odysseus how to get back home.I was hoping there was, cos it's about time I got back home - it's getting pretty late.They are moving back home to Arizona, back home to Oregon, back home to Tennessee.The Plot Every day, Johnny took his three goats to pasture and then back home.He was back home, showered, changed and in bed by eleven forty-five.A fantasy, but a lovely one, and one that she would miss when she went back home.
homehome2 ●●● S1 W1 adverb 1 HOMEto or at the place where you live Is Sue home from work yet?bring/take somebody/something home They brought the baby home from the hospital on Friday. We stayed home last night. I’m going home now. See you tomorrow.come/get/reach etc home (=arrive at your home) It was midnight by the time we got home. What time are you coming home?2 take home £120 per week/$600 a month etc3 hit/drive/hammer etc something home4 bring something home to somebody/come home to somebody5 hit/strike home6 be home and dry7 be home free close to home at close2(19)GRAMMAR: Patterns with homeYou go home, come home, or get home: We all went home.I wish he’d come home.What time did you get home? Don’t say: We all went to home. | I wish he’d come to home. | What time did you get to home?You go back home or come back home: Why don’t you go back home and rest? Don’t say: back to home
Examples from the Corpus
homeHe cleans the offices after all the workers have gone home.Dreamer placed Tallis on the snow, facing south, facing home.Extra ferries are needed to bring them back home.The day of the trial, I stayed home.Come straight home after the theatre, won't you?She herself went home for the night.And then he blagged a twin-engined Squirrel helicopter to take him home from a rugby match.You can take the laptop home with you if you like.stayed homeThe day of the trial, I stayed home.Her remark that she could always have stayed home and made cookies has discomfited Republicans, not least Barbara Bush.Many sympathisers stayed home at the last election, no longer fearing that JoseThe next day, she stayed home from work, something she rarely did, pleading illness.U2's Achtung Baby album won five trophies but they stayed home - preferring to celebrate in their favourite Dublin pub instead.One of the last nights, Amelia begged off going to a party and stayed home, so Toot stayed home too.I stayed home so we'd have time this evening.
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homehome3 ●●● W3 adjective [only before noun] 1 HOMErelating to or belonging to your home or familyhome address/number (=the address or telephone number of your house) These children need a proper home life.2 HOMEdone at home or intended for use in a home good old-fashioned home cooking a home computer3 DSplayed or playing at a team’s own sports field, rather than an opponent’s fieldhome team/game/crowd/club etc The home team took the lead after 25 minutes.4 COUNTRY/NATIONrelating to a particular country, as opposed to foreign countries SYN domestic The meat was destined for the home market.
Examples from the Corpus
homehome appliancesThe company has decided to expand in the home computer market.Home furnishings are on the second floor next to the toy department.a home gamehome address/numberShe hesitated by the telephone, then dialled Miguel's home number.The Department of Correction, in a blunder Ryan shakes her head over still, inadvertently gave Carter her home address.I made a note of Mahoney's home address and returned the paper to the waste basket.He gave Wynne his home number and told him to call if he could help.A graduation program from 1930 lists the now world-famed cook as Julia McWilliams, her home address as Pasadena.It is called a synonym, and will overflow from its natural home address because that is already full.Very large numbers of synonyms for even a few home addresses can make it impractical, however.Like many, Martin had lied about his home address in order to get into a school in a better neighborhood.home cookingDear Skid: Ursula is a big believer in making the man come to the kitchen if he wants home cooking.The adjacent Gelli Farm Restaurant offers a high cuisine with local produce and home cooking.Fine home cooking and all the other special comforts you would expect in this beautifully restored home.Like fried chicken, potpie symbolizes home cooking and comfort food, she said.Good home cooking is served and fresh local and garden produce are used.Breakfast is continental style and dinners are tasty home cooking with a choice of menu.Excellent home cooking with choice of menu. home team/game/crowd/club etcThis is the third consecutive blackout for the Raiders and the eighth in their last 12 home games.This is where we can make up some ground and then come back and start winning the home games again.A novelty for the home crowd at reserve matches in 1924-25 was music from gramophone records broadcast through a loudspeaker.Every home game has been sold out to season ticket-holders since 1960.Maybe I can make it to my first home game in 15 years!The opening home game is against Rome on April 16.I think in that situation the home crowd's support was of great value to the team.David takes him to one of the home games, then briefs Jody by phone before the guy calls for a date.
homehome4 ●○○ verb home in on something→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
homeDecoys that can confuse the homing sensor in the interceptor are the Achilles' heel of this system.
From King Business Dictionaryhomehome1 /həʊmhoʊm/ adjective [only before a noun] connected with or happening in the country where goods are produced, rather than foreign countriesSYNDOMESTICThe company faces very little competition in the home market.Home consumption of whisky has continued to decline.homehome2 adverb take/bring home £300 a week/$1200 a month etc to earn a particular amount of money after tax has been taken awayThese workers take home just £100 a week.Origin home1 Old English ham village, home