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hollyhockhol‧ly‧hock /ˈhɒlihɒk $ ˈhɑːlihɑːk/ noun [countable] HBPDLGa tall thin garden plant with many flowers growing together
Examples from the Corpus
hollyhockDelphiniums and hollyhocks are planted in the sun to give colour and height.Biennials: Plants that flower in their second year and then die, such as Sweet Williams and hollyhocks.And the whole garden, from the blades of grass to the tall proud hollyhocks, sighed with pleasure.Gao Ma stumbled toward it and reached but to grab a branch covered with spiny hollyhocks.Behind the honeysuckle and the hollyhocks there was revealed a life of hitherto unimagined degradation.
Origin hollyhock (1200-1300) holy + hock type of plant ((11-17 centuries)) (from Old English hoc)