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hockeyhock‧ey /ˈhɒki $ ˈhɑːki/ ●●○ noun [uncountable] 1 British EnglishDSO a game played on grass by two teams of 11 players, with sticks and a ball SYN field hockey American English2 American EnglishDSO a game similar to hockey, but played on ice SYN ice hockey British English
Examples from the Corpus
hockeySoccer and hockey leagues also are planned.At hockey there was a vacancy for the goalkeeper and that had been my position in the school team.And then the three of them join Peter in a makeshift game of baseball, hockey, or soccer.On Wednesdays I train for hockey in the local indoor leisure centre.Bully off: A new girls' hockey tournament bullies off next month at Stockton sports centre.The Hansons were played by three young minor-league hockey players.A: They are happy that I play hockey, but they are unhappy that I get hurt sometimes.
Origin hockey (1500-1600) Perhaps from Old French hoquet curved stick used by shepherds, from hoc hook