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HIVHIV /ˌeɪtʃ aɪ ˈviː◂/ noun [uncountable] MIHBHa type of virus (=a very small living thing that causes disease) that enters the body through blood or sexual activity, and can develop into AIDSAIDSHIV positive/negative (=having or not having HIV in your body)
Examples from the Corpus
HIVThe group says children, like adults, should be treated with the now-standard cocktail of three different HIV drugs.So it can not be ruled out that this man had contracted his HIV from polio vaccine a few weeks before.A dentist from Florida is believed to have passed HIV to six of his patients, one of whom died.In this way, the immune system learns to recognise and attack regions of real HIV if infection occurs.Insurance companies can use saliva HIV tests, not just blood tests.The key to tackling HIV / Aids in poor countries is to start at the bottom, not the top.The HIV is a weak microorganism that requires a moist, temperature-controlled environment in which to survive.HIV positive/negativeChildren who are HIV positive, but remain well, are able to lead a normal life.If you are HIV positive it is a good idea to have regular health checks.In the early days the stigma of being HIV positive drove away 60% of my circle of friends.This will help you stay healthy, HIV positive or not.Becoming pregnant or going ahead with a pregnancy has to be a personal choice for each individual HIV positive woman.Statistics show that 25 % of the adult population is HIV positive, and the rate of infection is still rising.Magic Johnson is a sporting legend and when he announced he was HIV positive the world admired his courage.While I was on holiday the clinic tested a blood sample without my permission and established that it was HIV positive.