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herbherb /hɜːb $ ɜːrb, hɜːrb/ ●●○ noun [countable] HBPDFa small plant that is used to improve the taste of food, or to make medicinespice Sprinkle the dish with chopped fresh herbs.
Examples from the Corpus
herbThis is an astonishingly fine wine with great concentration and wonderful flavors of black cherry, chocolate, black raspberry and herbs.We also like to use large bunches of basil and other fresh herbs, which impart a unique flavor of their own.You should see some impressive herb robert growing on the back between the river and road.The Physic Garden is planted with examples of herbs used in Medieval times for medicinal purposes.Many people think of herbs primarily as something you; find in a small tin rather than in the backyard garden.Oregano is a pungent herb, overpowering if used alone.This area ranges from almost full sun, beyond the herb bed, to deep shade adjoining the house.The rushes on the floor were clean and sprinkled with herbs.
Origin herb (1200-1300) Old French erbe, from Latin herba grass, herb