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hennahen‧na /ˈhenə/ noun [uncountable] DCBa reddish-brown substance used to change the colour of hair or skinhenna verb [transitive]
Examples from the Corpus
hennaHer hair was heavily oiled, perfumed and washed again and again in a henna mixture.Round in childhood, she became stout in middle age and the auburn of her hair was maintained by henna.He liked to sniff the parcel of graduated henna for its strong herby smell.How much henna and skin dye does it take to achieve true greatness?Those were the days before people dyed their hair bright colours, the days of henna.Adam had put henna on his hair and that and the sun had turned it reddish-gold.The soles of her feet were dyed with henna, making a brown sandal.Their nails were painted with henna and the palms of their hands striped with it.
Origin henna (1600-1700) Arabic hinna