From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishheartfeltheart‧felt /ˈhɑːtfelt $ ˈhɑːrt-/ adjective REAL/NOT FALSE OR ARTIFICIALvery strongly felt and sincere a heartfelt apology
Examples from the Corpus
heartfeltThe tributes paid to him on his retirement were warm and heartfelt.Mine was the laughter of heartfelt appreciation.The two men continued to trade heartfelt insults, the gist of which revealed normally submersed beliefs.Jeff Tweedy gave a singularly honest, heartfelt performance that carried him off the stage and into the crowd.A heartfelt plea to any theatre proprietors who have a venue available during November.The family made a heartfelt plea to the kidnappers to release their son.Andy knew it was a heartfelt sentiment and he knew the rest of the team felt the same way.Christine breathed a heartfelt sigh of relief.Please accept our heartfelt sympathy on your sad loss.And please accept my heartfelt thanks now for your concern and your generosity.She expressed her heartfelt thanks to all those who had helped and supported her.