Word family noun health healthiness adjective healthyunhealthy adverb healthilyunhealthily
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhealthyhealth‧y /ˈhelθi/ ●●● S3 W3 adjective (comparative healthier, superlative healthiest) 1 person/animal/plantHEALTHY physically strong and not likely to become ill or weak a healthy baby boy I’ve always been perfectly healthy until now.2 good for your bodyHEALTHY good for your body a healthy lifestyle a healthy diet the importance of healthy eating3 showing good healthHEALTHY showing that you are healthy Her face had a healthy glow. All of our kids have healthy appetites (=they like to eat a lot).4 behaviour/attitudeSENSIBLE used to describe an attitude, feeling, or behaviour that is natural, normal, and sensible I don’t think it’s healthy for her to spend so much time alone.healthy respect/disrespect/scepticism etc a healthy disrespect for silly regulations5 company/relationship etcEFFECTIVE a healthy company, society, relationship, economy etc is working effectively and successfully a healthy economy with a well-trained workforce6 amountLOT/LARGE NUMBER OR AMOUNT large and showing that someone is successful – used about amounts of money a healthy profit a healthy bank balancehealthily adverbhealthiness noun [uncountable]THESAURUShealthy having good healthA good diet keeps you healthy.They tested the drug on healthy volunteers.well used especially when describing or asking about how someone feels or looksI don’t feel well.How was James – did he look well?fine spoken used in a reply to a question about your health, or when talking about someone else’s health. Use fine only in replies or statements, not in questions‘Hi, Tom, how are you?’ ‘Fine, thanks.’She had a bad cold, but she’s fine now.all right/OK spoken not ill or injured. These expressions are very commonly used in everyday spoken EnglishYou look pale – are you feeling all right?He’s had an accident but he’s OK.better less ill than you were, or no longer illI’m feeling a lot better now.Don’t come back to school until you’re healthy, especially because you exercise regularlyShe keeps fit by cycling everywhere.Police officers have to be physically fit and have good (good) shape healthy and fitJogging keeps me in pretty good shape.robust literary healthy and strong, and not likely to become illHe had a robust constitution (=a strong and healthy body).robust plantsa robust girl, wearing a thick woollen sweaterbe/look a picture of health to look very healthyShe looked a picture of health as she posed for the cameras.
Examples from the Corpus
healthyI saw Hazel Phillips the other day, and she didn't look very healthy.Educated women had lower fertility rates, and the children they did have were significantly healthier.In some places they even say that small amounts of radiation make you healthier.Eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables will help you to stay healthy.Her death came as a terrible shock. She had always been so healthy.Taking plenty of exercise can be both healthy and enjoyable.He's nearly 60 now but he's strong and healthy and full of energy.All of our kids have healthy appetites.But there was always a healthy audience for metal.She's just had a lovely healthy baby girl.She looked perfectly healthy, but Frankie was not convinced.Currently, there's a healthy climate for businesses.I'm trying to eat a healthier diet now, with less fat and sugar.a healthy dietWe need to work toward a healthier environment.It is now established as a healthy food, with popular appeal for the ever-growing numbers of health-conscious diners.It's not healthy for Donna to depend on Wayne so much.Her face had a healthy glow.a healthy marriagea healthy outdoor lifeOver time, children who are not autonomous do not develop a healthy sense of self-esteem.I've been much healthier since I stopped smoking.healthy skinhealthy eatingAdjust cooking methods for healthier eating.After the annual over-indulgence your New Year resolutions will probably include healthy eating.Gadgets that promote healthy eating and living and hasten cooking and cleaning, polls show.State which method would fit in best with healthy eating guidelines and explain why.The majority claimed that the best method for them was simply cutting down on fattening foods, and following healthy eating habits.Healthy eating is in, and there is plenty of advice available about what is healthy eating.And when it comes to nutrition, those meals can fit in an overall healthy eating plan.For others, the Nutrition Facts are a lifeline for building a healthier eating style.healthy appetitesThe chicks need round the clock attention, and have developed very healthy appetites.healthy respect/disrespect/scepticism etcA few people, very few, had a healthy scepticism.But this went much further than healthy scepticism.In the main they are shy creatures, though their speed, strength and agility demand a healthy respect.I wouldn't insult their intelligence by lying and we had a healthy respect for each other.My fear turned into a healthy respect for the sea.Acclaimed designer Carleton Varney has introduced bright new colors and a sense of airy spaciousness while retaining a healthy respect for tradition.We can only maintain a healthy scepticism of any claims to place public welfare above private interest.Having said all this, the court accepted the need to pay healthy respect to the principles of comity.
From King Business Dictionaryhealthyhealth‧y /ˈhelθi/ adjective1a healthy organization, system, economy etc is working effectively and successfullyBanks should invest only in financially healthy companies.2a healthy amount of something is largeThey are predicting healthy profits on the shares.I hope to see a healthy return on my investment.Industry needs ahealthy supply of graduates.