Word family noun health healthiness adjective healthyunhealthy adverb healthilyunhealthily
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhealthhealth /helθ/ ●●● S1 W1 noun [uncountable] 1 HEALTHYthe general condition of your body and how healthy you are I’m worried about my husband’s health.2 HEALTHYthe work of providing medical services to keep people healthy The government has promised to spend more on health and education. health insurance nurses and other health workers public health3 HEALTHYwhen you have no illness or disease Even if you haven’t got much money, at least you’ve got your health. When we last met, he was glowing with health (=was clearly very healthy).4 SUCCESSFULhow successful something such as a business, an organization, or a country’s economy is The monthly trade figures are seen as an indicator of the health of the economy. a clean bill of health at clean1(13)COLLOCATIONSadjectivesgoodPhysical exercise is essential to good health.excellentAt the age of 70, her health is excellent.poorHe wanted to join the army but his health was too poor.ill healthHe retired early due to ill health.failing health (=when someone is becoming more ill)Despite failing health, he travelled to Australia to visit his son.mental healthPoverty affects children's physical and mental health.physical healthHer physical health was generally good.sexual healthThe programme aims to educate teenagers about sexual health.general health (=the health of your whole body rather than a particular part)A balanced diet will improve your general health.human healthSome chemicals pose a significant risk to human health.verbsdamage your healthThere is no doubt that smoking can seriously damage your health.endanger your health (=cause danger to your health)Being overweight endangers your health.improve (somebody's) healthDoing more exercise will improve your health.somebody's health improvesHer health improved slowly after she came home from hospital.somebody's health deteriorates (=gets worse)Her health deteriorated + NOUNhealth care (=care from doctors, nurses etc)Many Americans cannot afford even basic health care.a health problemHe missed a lot of time at work through health problems.a health risk/hazard/threat (=something that could damage your health)The report looked at the health risks linked to eating excess benefitsthe health benefits of doing yogahealth effectsThe study looked at the long-term health effects of drinking alcohol.a health warning (=a warning printed on a product that could harm you)the health warning on cigarette packetsphrasesbe in good/poor health (=be healthy/unhealthy)Her parents were elderly and in poor good/bad for your healthEating plenty of vegetables is good for your health.somebody's state of healthYour choice of exercise must depend on your general state of and well-beingThe breakfast program improves the health and well-being of the children.
Examples from the Corpus
healthLakeside leisure complex with pool and extensive health and fitness facilities.There's no reason why you shouldn't continue working until you're 70 or over, if you're in good health.A stroke in 1976 started his health problems, and five years ago he moved to Sussex.A consensus has long existed to make health insurance portable and to assure some coverage for people with existing health problems.For most animals, a shiny coat is a sign of health.No one asks male thriller readers questions about their reading and extrapolates from that to their political state of health.Too much stress is likely to affect both your mental and physical health.Betty's worried about her husband's health.Pollution in the atmosphere causes serious health problems for many people.Nasdaq stocks fell amid concerns about the health of dot-com companies.Linda's one of those people who always seem to be worrying about their health.The group nurses the animals back to health at Rossett, near Chester, before finding a good home for them.Most Americans listed unemployment, health, and education as the most important issues.I wish you health and happiness.Your health is more important than any amount of money.glowing with healthFrancesca was as pretty as a picture and apparently glowing with health.Yogurt manufacturers, for example, portray fit, lively people, glowing with health.
From King Business Dictionaryhealthhealth /helθ/ noun [uncountable]1the business of providing medical services to keep people healthySYNHEALTHCAREIncreased resources had been made available for health, housing, and education.Rentokil specialises in industrial products in the field of public health.Health inspectors came to check the factory’s canteen. environmental health2used to talk about how successful an organization, system, or economy isThis is a serious threat to the health of Japan’s banking system.The balance sheet provides a lot of information on the financial health of the company.3a clean bill of health if a system or an organization gets a clean bill of health, it is said to be in a good financial position after a detailed examination of it has been madeA meeting of EU finance ministers gave the European exchange-rate mechanism a clean bill of health.4give something a clean bill of health to make an official statement that a product is not harmful or dangerousLawyers said the company had something to hide about the drug’s development, but the FDA gave Prozac a clean bill of health.Origin health Old English hælth, from hal; WHOLE1