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harrowhar‧row /ˈhærəʊ $ -roʊ/ noun [countable] TAa farming machine with sharp metal blades, used to break up the earth before planting cropsploughharrow verb [intransitive, transitive]
Examples from the Corpus
harrowI drank at stone, at iron of plough and harrow.Hundreds of parishioners were working with bare hands, shovels and harrows, extending the church by burrowing out a crypt.Disc harrows consisting of gangs of concave steel discs are dragged at an angle to the line of draught.The young man was killed after becoming entangled in the unguarded rotors of a power harrow while attempting to remove a stone.You can pick out a furrow after the harrow has gone over it.The lane between Somersby and Harrington is very harrow and, in summertime, shaded by dark green foliage.
HarrowHarrow a famous British public school (=expensive private school) for boys, in northwest London. Men who have been educated at Harrow are known as Old Harrovians. compare EtonOrigin harrow (1100-1200) Old Norse herfi