Word family noun happinessunhappiness adjective happyunhappy adverb happilyunhappily
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_721_zhappyhap‧py /ˈhæpi/ ●●● S1 W1 adjective (comparative happier, superlative happiest) 1 having feelings of pleasure, for example because something good has happened to you or you are very satisfied with your life OPP sad It’s a lovely house and we’ve been very happy here. I’ve never felt happier in my life. He was a happy child who rarely cried. the happy faces of the children I loved her and thought I could make her happy.happy about She’s very happy about the baby.happy to do something John will be so happy to see you.happy (that) I’m happy that everything worked out well in the end.be/feel happy for somebody What a wonderful opportunity! I’m so happy for you.happy in your work/job etchappy to be doing something We’re very happy to be taking part.the happy couple (=a couple that have just got married or will soon get married)GRAMMAR: Patterns with happyYou are happy to do something or happy to be doing something: I’m very happy to be here. Don’t say: I’m very happy for being here.You are happy that something has happened or is true: I’m very happy that I’m here.You are happy about something: I’m so happy about your engagement. Don’t say: I’m so happy for your engagement.You are happy for someone when something good has happened to them: Congratulations – I’m happy for you.2 HAPPY[usually before noun] a happy time, relationship, event etc is a good one that makes you feel happy This has been the happiest day of my life. They had a very happy marriage. I have lots of happy memories of the place. The story has a happy ending, however. When’s the happy event (=the birth of your child)?3 SATISFIED[not before noun] satisfied or not worriedhappy with On the whole, I’m happy with the way I look. People living nearby are not happy with the decision.happy about Mum wasn’t happy about Tess going off travelling on her own. I pretended to agree with her, just to keep her happy.happy doing something I’m quite happy doing what I’m doing.see thesaurus at satisfied4 be happy to do something5 Happy Birthday/New Year/Christmas etc6 many happy returns7 [only before noun] fortunate or lucky By a happy coincidence, James was also in town that weekend. I’m in the happy position of not having to work.8 a happy medium (between something and something)9 [only before noun] formalSUITABLE suitable His choice of words was not a very happy one. 10 a/your happy place11 not a happy bunnyTHESAURUShappyAre you happy in your new job?The film has a happy ending.a happy childhoodcheerful looking happya cheerful face/expressionThe room looked bright and cheerful (=it made you feel good).He seems a lot more cheerful today.be in a good mood to feel happy and relaxedIt was the day before the vacation and everyone was in a good mood.contented written feeling happy with your life, job, situation etcHe was contented with his job as a cycle mechanic.She sat down with a contented expression on her face.pleased/glad [not before noun] happy because something good has happenedI’m pleased I passed my exam.He was glad to see someone that he knew.very happydelighted [not before noun] very happy because something good has happenedThe doctors say they are delighted with her progress.thrilled [not before noun] very happy and excited about somethingHe’s thrilled at the idea of going to Disneyworld.overjoyed [not before noun] very happy because you have heard some good newsShe was overjoyed when she found out that her son was safe.be on top of the world (also be over the moon British English) [not before noun] informal to be very happyI was over the moon when I won the championship.ecstatic extremely happyThe crowd were ecstatic, and cheered wildly.ecstatic fansblissful a blissful time is one in which you feel extremely happyWe stayed on the islands for two blissful weeks. It sounded blissful – sea, sun, and good food.
Examples from the Corpus
happySarah's main aim in life is simply to be happy.He gave little appearance of being unusually happy.You know happiness is being able to assume you are happy.Everyone thought their marriage was happy.For the first five years of their marriage they were very happy.Is she happy about being pregnant?I wasn't very happy about that so I finished with him.I'd gotten a lot done over the weekend and was happy about that.a happy babyMike was a happy child and never gave us any trouble at all.He had a very happy childhood.Most fairy tales have a happy ending.Most children's stories have happy endings.With a politics of opinion, I am happy enough.Maggie suddenly shuddered, and twisted away, her happy expression replaced by one of painful memories.The children's happy faces were reward enough.I'm so happy for you - I know how much you wanted the job.The Grange has always been a happy house and still has a faint atmosphere of piety, fully intended by Mr Teulon.She seems a lot happier now that she's got a new job.In fact, my childhood on Lewis can be described as a happy one.I could hear the happy sound of the street musicians.Grandma is so happy that everyone will be there for Christmas.My years at college were the happiest time of my life.I was very happy to be back home.I'm just happy to be home again.Doctors said they were happy with how the operation had gone.Pinker stated that he was perfectly happy with the arrangement.the happy coupleI'd like to propose a toast to the happy couple.The dancing had stopped momentarily, and a space had been cleared round the happy couple.Friends and relatives are expected to give paper money to the happy couple after traditional ceremonies, writes Gurbir Dhillon.Everyone waved goodbye as the happy couple drove away.Now, the happy couple have decided to marry at the Ipswich Register Office on August 14.A furious row broke out last night over who should film the happy couple outside tiny Crathie church.Now the happy couple plan a new ceremony to bless their marriage.As the happy couple took their places there was a stir and a rising babble behind them.the happy eventIts truth-value does not depend on whether there actually occurred the happy event referred to by the second referring expression.keep ... happyIt meant people who kept sheep were happy.Theirs was a language for the mass of the people, aimed at keeping them happy.Clinton is a lifelong politician with a gift for speaking with rounded edges designed to keep people happy and options open.What is the right shopping environment that keeps customers happy and wanting to return?They try to keep everyone happy, but somehow succeed in annoying us all.He kept Moscow happy by fulfilling the state quotas in steel, tanks and nuclear missiles.I should have kept my happy memories.The object is to keep them happy while looking for new customers, he said.happy positionBut the pluralist is in a happier position.Others may not be in such a happy position.That is not a happy position.We were in the happy position of being able to pass the buck.Bank teller Barclays is in the happy position of exactly the reverse happening.
Origin happy (1300-1400) hap chance, luck ((13-20 centuries)), from Old Norse happ